Glendale, Arizona

Hi Ladies,

I left Hair Club after four years and found great hairstylist Angie @ Wednesday's Hair Society in a Woodland Hills, CA. I was recommended by a friend who get her hair extensions installed there.

Angie is very honest and customize beautiful hair units. It takes about 10-12 weeks to get your hair which is the only down side but the hair soft, awesomely beautiful and it looks so real, like it's coming out of my scalp.

At Hair Club, I went in for monthly service but at Wednesday's I go in every two weeks for $65 (very reasonably priced) and my hair are half the cost of Hair Club.

I'm a white girl and was skeptical if this black girl could do straight hair even after seeing my bestfriend's hair. Angie is a awesome hairstylist and the hair salon is private which I love!!!!!! Tell a friend!!!!!

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