East Setauket, New York
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All that's important to them is the money !!! They will give you every excuse in the book to defend their poor quality toupee instead of giving you the quality system you are paying for and I mean PAYING for.

If your not happy with their service , their answer is to upgrade to the best or the gold or platinum service which is ridiculous in price. Plus your have to buy all their products which are way, way overpriced it's a joke.

Do your research take it from me their are way better places out there for Quality systems with NO SIGNING OF CONTRACTS. STAY AWAY FROM HAIRCLUB OF HAUPPAUGE !

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Oh no it’s all so true I was a former employer then I got fired so I went on my own in hauppauge HAIRYREPLACEMENTS NO CONTRACTS come see me and save lots of money for better quality real human hair


Yes it is all true I agree and I'm still involved in this Hanks club. This place sucks the stylist work is atrocious to say the least.

I feel like I'm entering a funny farm when coming into Hanks club.

Extremely unprofessional. Wierd staff and Stylists all lack craftsmanship


Only a first class moron would allow these amateurs to shave a horse shoe sized patch of hair off the top of their head and literally glue with a glue similar to gorilla glue a piece of *** patch of yak animal hair on the top of their head. Then walk outside in public thinking it looks good.

Dude it looks like a womans overgrown Bush glued and taped to the top of your head man. And your paying thousands of dollars for that funky little smelly rug


Only a complete moron would work at this place


The person writing these horrible things is a former employee who is crazy


The person writing these horrible things is bitter because she was fired


Oh boo hoo carmella cant run room to room bashing hank to the clients and making fun of all the workers anymore. Her and that *** cat Scott are lucky they even have a drivers license they both probably got their high school diploma on the bottom of a cereal box. Whoops I forgot neither one of them graduated from high school carmella was turning tricks while scott was still playing with his dolls


Hank likes the clients to be left alone in the room by yourself with out your hair piece on so you can really stare at your bald head with hair sticking out the sides to try to make you hate the way you look without your hair piece on. Part of the manipulation process. Another corny tactic of the staff and his


Tara aka Marie Sirabella is writing this horrible stuff, she was fired for many reasons, and is bitter because she lost a good job so she writes these horrible things because she has no life , Nobody liked her the staff or clients


When I was a member of the hair wearing cult of hauppauge Hank use to call hair stylist stupid not to ask them questions regarding hair texture fit or size to ask him,that he would know better. Yet Hank was selling bologna for boars head to delis prior to his father buying the place for him so he could finally have a stable job. Now hanks full of bologna.


Yea Carnella is one crazy little bored girl needs constant entertainment cant beilieve they still have her employed there. Her mother told me carmella was always a problematic person to try to ignore her shes a real control freak nut.

Her old man at home cant even stand her around. He married her out of pity


This stylist Carmella is such a big baby at hauppauge all she does is try to impress people. She needs constant attention constant admiration.

She did nothing but talk about the owners each and every time I got in the chair. Shes nothing more then an attention seeker. She told me in her own words after I began complaining about hank :dont you know how to control hank by now. She said his wife looks like a beach ball and he had a fetish for blonde girls that hank was hugh Hefner and carmella was his favorite bunny.

This stylist is scarey to look at. Ongoing aggravation every time she had the chance to talk about them to me Hank and his big crush on her. The place is a playground full of manipulation to not feel comfortable without your hair piece on. They do everything for you to be one attached to the hair piece.

Happiest past year of my life since I took that funky *** off. You dont even know how stupid you look wearing that thing. Your so delusional that it looks real. Get a therapist Get a real life get out of that stupid bubble if theirs your living in and make a clean cut.

Dump those con artists.

Pull yourself together people you do not need no *** wig on your head IT LOOKS SO FAKE. WAKE UP


One big cult more like.Abide by the leader or else.Have a little Hanky panky in the backroom he like to check out your *** and cleavage every chance he she gets. After they shave your hair off and slap and glue thier foreign object animal hair onto your scalp.

Your theres.

They'll call you family,brother,pal,buddy,and sister of course..your paying their rent! Boneheads of course they call you family your paying their car payments!!


I Am a former Hair stylist at the Hauppauge location for over 12 years and they are the best people to work for and take care of all of their clients like one big family


You are full of garbage,hcm is a big dishonest ripoff company


I have been a client for many years and I can tell you that these guys are the best at what they do !!!!


Lies !


There are no men stylist or barbers in this facility? Not that I see. Theyre more like are used car salesmen financing *** hair.


Go into the Hair Club of Hauppauge for a free consultation and see for yourself they are the best at what they do !!!!


I have been a client of Hair Club of Hauppauge for many years and Im totally offended by what I have read all this negative stuff is not true, It seems that a former employee is writing these horrible things , Im writing a formal letter to pissed off consumer to have these lies taken down

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