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All that's important to them is the money !!! They will give you every excuse in the book to defend their poor quality toupee instead of giving you the quality system you are paying for and I mean PAYING for.

If your not happy with their service , their answer is to upgrade to the best or the gold or platinum service which is ridiculous in price. Plus your have to buy all their products which are way, way overpriced it's a joke.

Do your research take it from me their are way better places out there for Quality systems with NO SIGNING OF CONTRACTS. STAY AWAY FROM HAIRCLUB OF HAUPPAUGE !

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Look how immature hank is still just like louie use to say. Hanks a real baby boy he would still be selling cold cuts if his daddy didnt finally help him get a stable job.

He fights with girls Haha still not a grown man. With that fat brat face still whining like the daughter he wishes he was.

Maybe lou was right maybe hank does have a crush on him. Behaves like little girl old skanky hank.


Hank the skank and his old *** *** trying to pass them off as hairstylists with his blow up doll he named Carmella. He got a *** by Sandy on a business event many years ago Carmella told everybody that's why sandy lounges around in her pajamas all day when she decides to show up.

Carmella said Sandy is black mailing him so his wife wont find out. All for 13 dollars an hour. Meanwhile sandy is sleeping with a married man from hair club. She does his hairpiece in her apartment and barters sex to pay her rent.

She cant afford to pay her rent with the 13 dollars an hour hank pays her. So Sad. What an unstable group of women he had working for him. None of them can afford to live on thier own.

They're all living off of either thier parents or a man. Such a Sad group of older gals


The person writing these fake reviews , is a former employee who is very disturbed


This woman sandy says shes been there 18 years at this center no wonder why she has no idea how to cut or style hair. Shes never been out in the field learning any of the latest haircuts or styles.

She is so lazy when she did my hair piece that Costs me good money. She literally plopped it on my head and razor it to shreds. Disgusting place and people!

Calling the better business bureau. Flakey stylists.

to Anonymous #1694529

These fake reviews are writing by a former employee who is bitter because she lost her job


Clients dont allow Hank to instill fear in you if you want to find another center or option for your specific needs. Their are other options.

Speak to a lawyer. Know the law before you get involved with this big baby. He really has no job their hes a third party. Its really between you and your stylist.

Go online Order your hair piece tape and glue(bond) you can even do it yourself. Very easy. Watch a youtube video. Applying a hair piece.

It making a mold. Havr your girlfriend help you if really needed. Smarten up. You got this.

A little finger and arm dexterity. You can do this all by yourself. Focus. Learn something new.

You'll be asking yourself why have you been going to hairclub in the first place. Hank bullies girls and bald guys.

Dont sign on the dotted line. I promise it you'll regret being part of his cult family


Hank has absolutely no personality. As bland as they come.

He thinks hes the big bully in town now that his daddy bought him a business. He use to get his butt beat in school now he thinks hes the big tough guy to the bald and balding. He uses their hairpiece like a pawn over the clients head to kiss his ars. Very arrogant.

He needs the girls to entertain him.

That's why him and Carmella hit it off so well. Carmella have Hank the attention he so desperately seeks.


Bobby's hands were all over my mother Fran at a Christmas dinner. Hes a sleaze just like the rest of the "family" family of rejects.


After leaving this center I went straight to a local barber shop. I now spend 20 bucks a week getting a #1 blade all over my head.

Sometimes I go no blade. I finally grew a pair a balls to get out of this institution. Physco ward more like it. I got my confidence back going into a barber shop getting my hair buzzed with a nice clean cut!!

Not going into a hair rental glueing down a synthetic hair piece. I could've carpeted my entire house over every year with the amount of money I was renting that rug for they were pasting to the top of my head. Unbelievable what crooks. I wore a hat anyway all those years.

No matter what you may think. Or people may say. No man had all of that hair on top of their head. You look like your wearing a wig no matter how delusional you may be at the moment.

Unless your a rock star axle rose or slash. No need to wear a wig. Get your confidence back for real and go get your head shaved down in a barber shop. Then treat yourself to a trip any where in the world with all the money your going to save.

You will never own that piece of hair. Your renting it. Like a leased car. Then they beat it up while cleaning it so you will keep renting more and more and more.

Open your eyes. Women have the hair and need to be in the salon getting there hair done all the time. Not a real man. They pray on the meek and weak male.

The low self esteem makes. Bottom line take that absurd bs off.

to Anonymous #1683952

The person writing these crazy stuff here is a former employee who wont stop writing horrible things


Only a first class moron would allow these amateurs to shave a horse shoe sized patch of hair off the top of their head and literally glue with a glue similar to gorilla glue a piece of *** patch of yak animal hair on the top of their head. Then walk outside in public thinking it looks good.

Dude it looks like a womans overgrown Bush glued and taped to the top of your head man. And your paying thousands of dollars for that funky little smelly rug


Only a complete moron would work at this place


The person writing these horrible things is a former employee who is crazy


The person writing these horrible things is bitter because she was fired


Oh boo hoo carmella cant run room to room bashing hank to the clients and making fun of all the workers anymore. Her and that *** cat Scott are lucky they even have a drivers license they both probably got their high school diploma on the bottom of a cereal box. Whoops I forgot neither one of them graduated from high school carmella was turning tricks while scott was still playing with his dolls


Hank likes the clients to be left alone in the room by yourself with out your hair piece on so you can really stare at your bald head with hair sticking out the sides to try to make you hate the way you look without your hair piece on. Part of the manipulation process. Another corny tactic of the staff and his

to Anonymous #1689736

Tara aka Marie Sirabella is writing this horrible stuff, she was fired for many reasons, and is bitter because she lost a good job so she writes these horrible things because she has no life , Nobody liked her the staff or clients


When I was a member of the hair wearing cult of hauppauge Hank use to call hair stylist stupid not to ask them questions regarding hair texture fit or size to ask him,that he would know better. Yet Hank was selling bologna for boars head to delis prior to his father buying the place for him so he could finally have a stable job. Now hanks full of bologna.


Yea Carnella is one crazy little bored girl needs constant entertainment cant beilieve they still have her employed there. Her mother told me carmella was always a problematic person to try to ignore her shes a real control freak nut.

Her old man at home cant even stand her around. He married her out of pity


This stylist Carmella is such a big baby at hauppauge all she does is try to impress people. She needs constant attention constant admiration.

She did nothing but talk about the owners each and every time I got in the chair. Shes nothing more then an attention seeker. She told me in her own words after I began complaining about hank :dont you know how to control hank by now. She said his wife looks like a beach ball and he had a fetish for blonde girls that hank was hugh Hefner and carmella was his favorite bunny.

This stylist is scarey to look at. Ongoing aggravation every time she had the chance to talk about them to me Hank and his big crush on her. The place is a playground full of manipulation to not feel comfortable without your hair piece on. They do everything for you to be one attached to the hair piece.

Happiest past year of my life since I took that funky *** off. You dont even know how stupid you look wearing that thing. Your so delusional that it looks real. Get a therapist Get a real life get out of that stupid bubble if theirs your living in and make a clean cut.

Dump those con artists.

Pull yourself together people you do not need no *** wig on your head IT LOOKS SO FAKE. WAKE UP

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