New York, New York

I had an appointment last week and it was a complete JOKE. They try and act so nice but they are so condescending and make you feel that if you do not sign up with them your life is over.

They take pictures of your hair and scalp and totally exaggerate the problem by putting it up on this screen. Who knows if it is really even real pictures of you even. They are so slimy and try every single high pressure sales tactic in the book. When I said I wanted to think it over they didn't like that at all.

If your product is so good why not let your customers think it over and then decide. I have very slight thinning but they make it sound like I will be fully bald tomorrow if I don't sign up right then and there for $3000 a year. When they showed me the list of products one of them was Minoxidil which you can buy for only a few hundred dollars a year if that.

I bet if a person with absolutely no thininng went in they would tell them the same bs just for them to sign up because all they care about is getting you money. Stay far far away from them and go to a medical doctor.

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