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The Hair Club has no sense of business integrity. Their sales persons are liars, who lure customers to sign an agreement with promises for refunding if clients are not satisfied with the service. If you are not satisfied, the refund becomes impossible. Once you signed the agreement and paid money, the sales persons or client representatives disappeared immediately. They never respond your phone calls and never return your voicemail messages.

The contract of $3500 (cost plus sales tax) for 12 services and supplies is really fraud. What you get for $300 per service and supply? The service is basically shampooing and conditioning, plus 5 minus scalp massage. The supplies are shampoo, conditioner, Minoxidil topical solution, and 30 tablets of vitamins, which are all wrapped in a black trash bag.

They have no research to support its products, and all products just purchased from drug store and labeled with EXIT. The only thing worked is the Minoxidil topical solution, but you can get it easily for $16/bottle from Rogaine. For CVS brand, you can get three bottles for $16. I tried both CVS and Rogaine, the one Hair Club offered is definitely from CVS brand because the liquid appears yellow.

My entire experience with Hair Club is cheated and fooled, to say the least.

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As a woman, it is difficult to deal with hair loss. I can say that hair club has gone above and beyond to help me feel like myself again. ;)


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Thanks to hair club for doing such an incredible job. My hair looks great and I couldn't feel better about myself. Wonderful job.




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My heartfelt thanks to each and everyone who posted here. After much research, I cancelled the appointment I had made for today. All the horror stories about customer treatment, exorbitant fees and pricing, unresolved complaints,I am grateful knowing I've saved thousands of $$$$!!!


Hair Club is nothing but a rip off. I had a "system" for a few years and was paranoid all the time.

I was always worried how it looked, and what people thought. In the summer months it felt like I was wearing a knit cap! Hot and uncomfortable. And the adhesive would ooze out the sides.

I got so fed up one day I ripped it off and shaved my head. And I couldn't be happier!

My best advice is don't do it . Save your money.


Thanks for the reviews. I saved $3.700 from the Oakbrook Office for HC and I don't have a job. I wanted to spend my last to look better.God is there any honest people in the world?


I am so glad I researched this before going. Do know that your information helped someone else not make a bad decision. I think each of you very much.


Can any one advice how I can get out of the contract. Hairclub says that I can cancel the service but will not get any refund.


Hairclub is the "big dog" and they charge high prices and high pressure. Hair replacement can be wonderful when you find a compassionate, understanding creative stylist.

The "big dogs" are not the only available option. Do your research. Its not the building you go to but, the product offered and an amazing stylist.

We do care. Unfortunately Haircl,ub has the money for commercials.


I wished I'd read this before I went to HC in July. They are truly liars.

I had the matrix and it pulled whatever little hair I had in front. The contract states that you get your money back in 3 days. BFD!! I didn't have problems in three days.

It was months after when I couldn't get an appt and with the stylist I wanted. They are truly rip offs. They just want your money. I should have known that any adhesive would pull your hair out, but they tell you some *** that it's surgical adhesive and it won't be a problem.

I guess that's why I'm still suffering with headaches. I took the matrix off but I still have to pay the $350.00 for the next two months because "I signed a contract" Why? I don't have the hair any longer so I shouldn't have to pay for what I don't have. These people are not to be trusted.

Save your money and wear a wig. With the matrix, you risk getting mold in your head because you can't dry your hair properly. You can hardly wash it properly. Don't do it.

Don't do it. Don't do it. Trust me.

I wish someone told me about what a waste of time and money this *** would be. HAIR CLUB IS A RIP OFF.


So, if we should not use these guys, then what does work?


Went in two months ago. Hate how I look bald enough to do something...

three weeks later, I must admit wearing fake hair on my head is not what I expected, but I love the way I look, no one was able to tell that my hair is fake.

So.. to each there own I guess...


Thanks for all the infos, I will cancel my appointment with them tomorrow and tell them what I found out from you guys about them.

Thank you all.


Hair club products are a JOKE, I have yet to see results, the staff including the manager in the Glendale office are incompetent!!!


I just left HCW and decided to research complaints before paying for the promises that was very enticing because I live miserable discomfort with hair loss. Thank god for all the complaints i found to save me $3000 for the matrix


The service to cost equation is totally insane. They are way too expensive. Except a couple of people in the frontdesk no one else really cares about you. I guess its because its only the manager who makes all the money.

Forget that, these hair products they sell they cost far far less than what i am charged. I was charged like $2000 for 7 sittings. Let me know if someone got a better deal, i will rip hairclub's *** apart for my money.

Its not like a dentist job that you treat each customer uniquely. Even if they should, they never did. I hate hairclub for what they are... another bunch of american bloodsuckers.


I went yesterday to an appointment and what a waste of my time. Wherever the first person posted is totally true.

The person that interview me is nothing more than a sales person. He could not even explain FUE(folicular Unit Extraction).

I bet they make their money on comision and that is why they get ready to answer any questions you might have with regards of the effectiveness of their products. $2,890 dls or so for a year supply of shampoo and condiditoner vitamin E, D and B is a SCAM!


thanks for the info i was going to get a appointment with these guys,look like i will not go these anymore i will try someone else.