Hair Club For Men's "consultant" is nothing but a trashy, smooth-talking salesperson. In the so-called "free consultation", I was informed that their awesome product was not a wig.

Like an ***, I let the "consultant" rush me into signing their rip-off contract.

When their amazing product arrived, it was nothing but a cheap, obviously fake wig stuffed in an envelope!! By the way, she did not tell me that they were going to shave my existing hair till AFTER I was dubbed into signing. What a scam!!

I intend to fight this outrage because I'm not dissatisfied, I was just ripped-off.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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I worked at the Hair Club on Michigan Ave in Chicago. We had staff that did nothing but post positive comments on all of these sites.

I left due to the immoral practices and obvious abuse the company forced the employees to inflict onto the desperate customers.

Do NOT EVER go to a Hair Club Office. You will regret it forever!!!!!!!

to Dave Delaware, New Jersey, United States #654687

I too used to work for the company and Dave is most correct,they bribe the stylist and clients to give good reviews in exchange for a free hair product! the company is totally dishonest and to work there you must play along to get along and my integrity was far more important than being a horrible liar!

the lace wigs they sell can look nice if you willing to pay an arm,leg and lung for it! they play games with you if you should ever want a refund and if you continue to be angry,they will flip the script on you and cancel you and say that you were the difficult one!

I know that losing ones hair is hard, but PLEASE STAY AWAY from the HAIR CLUB!!!!! if you don't you will regret it!!!!!!


Hair club is a scam for sure they should be run out of business.


Complete and utter scam. Basically, you are paying $2,500 for a wig.

They told me that I had enough hair so that I didn't need the "hair system" and was given their hair regrowth kit. The kit wasn't FDA approved and simply didn't work.

I went in for my monthly "checkups" and they would lie to my face and tell me how great my hair was looking when honestly my scalp was dry as dirt from their terrible product. My advice to anyone deciding to use hair club would be to give the $2,500 to feed a child then go an buy FDA approved 3 month supply minoxidil from Wal-mart combined with $5 nizoral shampoo.


I've been going to HC since 1988, and last month I went, my hair was tangled for the first time in 20 years and I expected them to brush out the tangles with their "miraculous" and expensive products. They said they couldn't.

The system was only THREE weeks old!!! And then the manager told me my contract was coming up and he would have to start charging me extra for color because I don't buy their products. I told him I don't buy the products because I get a new system every 8 weeks and don't really see any difference.

They shove these products down your throats!!!! Consumer, shop around!!


I became a so called client with Hair Club, back in 1987. They use much deceit to take your money, and prey on your vanity.

after 24 years of wearing their "systems", (they never say hairpiece, by the way.)I did the unthinkable and shaved my head. It was the best decision I ever made. You will save tons of money, keep your scalp cleaner and healthier, not have to fuss with cleaning and time consumed styling, and without the piece, you will no longer be living a lie! Do it, shave your head, add some facial hair for contrast.

Read up on shaving techniques. I thought it would be hard and worried about nicking my scalp, but it was easy, and 9 months later, not one cut.

I get positive comments on my new look, all the time!... You'll thank me!


My favorite part (LOL) of the nightmare of hair club was being told how much to tip the "hair stylist" (sales person).I was told this by the manager of the office I went to.I have met car salesmen who are less obvious about being crooks than the people at hair club.


What kind of insane person would want to have a 10 dollar wig that you paid $2,500 for glued to their head with super glue?? The answer is not many people.What kind of fool would spend thousands of dollars on vitamins you can buy anywhere much much cheaper?? The answer is no person would.Sites like this one are excellent because they allow the REAL consumer to spread the word about what scams and ripoffs companies like hair club really as if you could not tell just by googling hair club complaints.There are thousands of complaints about this scam company and their cheap 10 dollar wig they charge $2,500 for.


This joke of a company is a huge waste of money.The only people laughing are the criminals that *** people into this 30 dollar wig glued to their head or their line of family dollar watered down products that do absolutely nothing.Any person can order vitamins.You do not have to go to these scammers and pay them thousands of dollars for this BS.


I'm happy that I went to Hair Club. Changed my life.

Look younger (although that wasn't why I went) and feel better.

This site sucks. I'm very grateful to Hair Club!

to Jason Delaware, New Jersey, United States #654690

You love it because you have hair,but you can never deny the fact that they presuure you and everyone else to constantly upgrade and buy those cheap hair products you can get anywhere This site and many others tell the REAL truth of whats behind the curtains!!!! It's notjing wrong with wanting to have hair back,it is wrong to extort a person to get it!!! BRAVO to all sites that tell the truth about the real deal of this cruddy company!!!!


I love hairclubs


What these crooks are doing is common on sites like this.They think by employees posting fake stories that they will fool more IDIOTS to come waste money on a wig glued to their head.These positive stories are not real its just employees of the scam company hair club.Look all over the NET research what this scam company is and what a waste of money it is.Do not allow yourself to be taken advantage of like so many others.

to chris Toronto, Ontario, Canada #586320

you got it right, positive comments are by only a bunch of hair club employees out of Florida..


This is a follow up to me post on OCT 21. I am still happy and still glad I did this. I have nothing but good things to say about hair club.


This joke of a company is a huge waste of money.The only people laughing are the criminals that *** people into this 30 dollar wig glued to their head or their line of family dollar watered down products that do absolutely nothing.Any person can order vitamins.You do not have to go to these scammers and pay them thousands of dollars for this BS.

to scott Toronto, Ontario, Canada #586321



How could it take anyone 20 years to realize that this wig can be spotted for a mile away or that you are being seriously ripped off???? I had this "thing" on my head for about 3 months and realized after one week it was a joke and huge scam.After the three months I took it off at home myself and still have this pathetic joke in a drawer so I can laugh at it from time to time and show others what it is so they too do not get scammed by this ripoff company.


Pleeeeease...stay away from these crooks. All they care about is your money and in return give you a cheap synthetic looking wig (that's glued to your head) or a cheap non-effective hair prevention treatment with vitamins and minoxidil, which you can buy for A LOT

less at any drugstore/supermarket.

to Anthony Toronto, Ontario, Canada #586323

Well said about hair club which is scam ,rip off nation wide.

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