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I absolutely would NOT recommend The Hair Club for Men and Women to anyone! I was charged $1000.00 and received no services or products.

I signed a contract (after a great deal of high pressure tactics, I might add) to receive the product they call "my hair" on all their commercials - in an attempt to make people think it's not really just a wig glued to your head. The very next morning I called and told them that the glue they had used in the patch test had left a terrible rash on my head and I therefore, could not agree to have a whole wig glued to my head with this stuff. They offered to do one of the other procedures - which they had already told me would NOT be effective for me based on the hair analysis they had administered themselves. I told them I also wasn't willing to pay thousands of dollars for a procedure they had already told me wouldn't work for me.

The whole experience with The Hair club was a long, ugly process involving several unpleasant phone calls and my written dispute of charges, etc. But in the end, I still had a $1000.00 bill for which I received NOTHING!!!! Oh, and by the way, they won't tell you this, and they will conveniently leave it out when reviewing the contract - which they won't give you time to read yourself before pressuring you to sign, but the hair piece which cost $2000.00 only last 6 months then you have to start all over. Not to mention that you have to go into them about every month to get the thing removed and re-glued since it's glued to your hair line.

I've done a little research since then and found that many others report having dealt with The Hair Club only to learn that they sell an inferior product at an outrageously high price and don't stand behind their product. When you start having problems with it (in my case before I actually even received the product), that's just too bad. They have your signature.

You're stuck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Procedure.

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I got ripped off at the one in Charlotte, NC. They were so nice at the beginning but when I told them that I wasn't happy with it the next week, I found a whole different attitude with everyone and now I have a $2700.00 bill.

I'm thinking about stop paying it. I could have taken this money and bought some good Remi hair from the Korean hair store that would have looked much better than that thick, heavy, funky, hair that they glue to your hair line, and please don't go to the Bahamas and sweat like I did.

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