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What Hair Club EXH program for women is? One service---shampooing, conditioning and massage your scalp; one month supply---an 8oz bottle of shampoo, an 8 oz bottle of conditioner, 30 tablets of vitamins and 2 ml bottle of 2% minorondil.

How much is cost? For 12 services and supplies, $3,195 plus sales taxes.

What does the agreement say: you can cancel within three business days with a full refund. Wait, please read the fine print, which says you have to sign another agreement in order to cancel this one.

The sales person would never present you another agreement but emphasized again and again that you can cancel the agreement within three business days and get a full refund.

What would happen if you decide to cancel the agreement and ask for refund? Your sales person or client representatives are simply disappeared. They never answer your phone calls and never respond your voicemail messages. If you ask your credit card company to help you, Hair Club would forward that agreement to the credit company and claimed that you waived to sign the second agreement, which you even didn't know it exits.

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Yes, you are right!!! I work there!


I was a hair club client for two years until I decided to do some research and found out I was getting ripped off badly. They first use the bait and switch tactic to get you to sign the contract.

They never mention you will have to pay a monthly dues to get new hair and services. Also, there systems are all stock from China and don't believe they're custom made because they're not. Hair Club is laughing their way to bank and deliver *** product and service. I recently switched to a stylist who's been in the industry for 20 plus years.

I'm paying half as much, my system is not at all detectable and my stylist does a perfect job all of the time. If you're considering Hair Club, please take my advise and go somewhere else.

They're not the only game in town and you will find yourself pissed off and frustrated. HC is a sweatshop for this industry, they hire stylists who they put through a half *** training course, also, their systems are absolute *** and very detectable.

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