Silver City, New Mexico
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Don't use the Hair Club they are horrible to customers, I have been a member for 6 years and their service is revolting, they have a hard time keeping managers and stylists.

If you have a problem they tell you to call their Vice President Steve Stickney, but he won't return your phone calls. Don't get involved with them it is a big waste of time and money; you are better of being bald. They won't tell you up front but they will get you involved and then make you get into a monthly subscription with a one year contract. The subscriptions can range from $300 per month up to $1,000 even though you pay a lot of money they treat you like ***, since they know you are locked into a contract.

Trust me they do such a bad job that you will look more ridiculous with their hair. This is the worst decision I have ever made and now I am out thousands of dollars. Call Steve yourself if you like his number is (toll free) 888-520-4636.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Treatment.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Independence, Missouri, United States #1255706

Almost 6 years later and this still ranks in feel deceived? you want money back?

you want some form of retribution? No one in the Hair Club family deliberately "defrauded" you. We all regret that you did not get the experience and results that many did. We wish you no rock to roll uphill...only grace.

The Hair Club solution has benefited so many men, women, and children. Present and former employees only wish you the best.

Our collective hearts and minds were sincerely trying to help you. May you find peace, my friend.


Just came across this unfair comment. Sorry it wasn't for you pal, but my interactions with Steve and Hair Club were and remain the opposite.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada #586247

I totally agree with your REVIEW ,hair club is rip off,scam nation wide ,fraudulent conning scam club...

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