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the Hair club is a total rip off. $ 6,000 in 9 months blown out the window and all I have to show for it is nothing.

Everything was Lies and more lies. They are very nice to you to begin with but as soon as they shave your head its all over. They think you have no other option and they call the shots. The hair you receive is so over processed and dried out that by the 2nd week of wear time it is unwearbale.

I was truely embarressed by it. It was glued on and taped on.

Totall mess. My opinion is to by your own wig and tape it when neccessary.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #583873

hi, i'm so sorry that you had to learn of hair clubs immoral ,rip off praticed after $6000.00...! cost me well over $18000.00 qand once finally demanded refund hair clubs head office and couple of it's employee based in toronto canada staged an conpiract against me and cancelled me date i'm fighting them in all sicial net work revealing the true nature of this scam,rip off club to masses.

you can read about me and what this club did and still do on all complain site and lotes of sicial net works.

you go that right one can purchase the same WIG for few dollar on line do it yourself will only cost few hundreds a year rather than thousands by hair clubs.

wish you the best and happy holidays. please inform others of this scam,rip off clubs by posting at least once per month.!!

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