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I recently went to a hair replacement organization. Because I am not going through with a procedure or having scalp treatments, I am being charged $978 ($799 for non-member laser comb fee and the rest is for 1 bottle ea.

shampoo, conditioner and Minoxidil). Was told if I had gone through with the $2700 hair treatments (excluding surgery), these are included in cost. Checking website laser combs cost $399, shampoo & conditioner $69, Minoxidil $30. To be fare, adding $149 for a visit w/ surgeon equals $700.

I lost copy of contract with them. When requested, I was told not to worry since loan didn't go through, due to their inaccurate address entry on form.

Financial situation has changed due to grandson needing surgery and an injury I sustained last month. Have any suggestions?

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Procedure.

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Men look awesome Bald... (John is right) just shave the remaining and go with it!

Be proud of who you are! :) And save your money.. but your best best if your not totally sure of the bald look.. is a combo propecia and rogaine...

I've heard fantastic results.

But i still think bald is beauty ! xx

Good luck


hahahahahahah you're going bald! Get over it and shave your head so you will stop looking like a puss and start looking like a man! Sexy


Hairclub did 3700 graphs to help my receding hairline and now a year later my new hair is course like pubic hair. Thanks hair club for making me look like a *** head!

They also had me buy their expensive laser and shampoo products that are very over priced because for one the laser doesnt work and the shampoo makes you grow thick peach fuzz! The laser comb is a joke.


Thank you Hair Club. I look so much better


This is the best thing I have done for myself. Thank you Hair Club.


You sales people and other employees of hair club scam company may as well quit posting your fake stories on here because your BS is as see through as glass.Anyone wanting to know the truth about this scam company and (so called) product can research the countless websites where REAL current and former victims talk about what a scam this BS is.

@chris b

hair club encourages lies,deceptions to it's staff...they eat the chicken and throw the bones at sales person to consum...

@chris b

I am new customer, stuck with it. bunch of lies, scam

been 3 months, how I get refund


I love hair club and what they've done for me. Changed my life. I am so happy.


None of this *** works especially hair club scam.Do you really think any rich people would be bald if they could use some shampoo or a "lasercomb" and grow hair??? Most of the drugs on the market provide very little results either.I once went to one of my doctors and asked him to give me some propecia.He told me that it would not provide me with the results I was looking for.He also looked at me and said look at me I am a doctor do you think I would look like this (he is bald) if I could take a pill and grow hair??

All of this *** wigs,pills,shampoo etc is just a ripoff aimed at taking advantage of people wanting desperately to have hair. With sites like this to research what kind of fool would even go to hair club scam and even talk to them about anything??


You're not only the president but you're also a client.

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