Huntington Station, New York
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Hair Club advertises that they do hair transplants on the web and when you call them to set up a consultation, but in fact, they will probably only refer you to a hair transplant physician if they can't sell you on their tacky weaves. Yes--it should be called "Weave Club"--that's all they got.

That and some minoxidil or other drugstore staples. My son called and thought he had set up an appointment for a hair transplant consultation, and someone approximating a car salesman tried to pitch him on a WEAVE.

An utter waste of time. Perhaps their weaves are even good and satisfy people--their method of false advertising and creating the wrong impression about their business makes everything they do sleazy and suspect.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I have been scammed by hair club too and am filling a suit against them. I could always use more testimonies and would love to hear more of your story if would be willing to share.