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My 10 year daughter suffers from alopecia. She is picked on at school because of her hairloss.Desperate to help her I decided to look into The HairClub. When I went to the East Brunswick NJ Center My Daughter and I were nervous at first but everyone there made us feel at home. I met a nice looking 30 something young man who was the hairloss consultant. He was very informative and very sincere. After he explained how he would give my daughter back a natural looking head of hair. He then showed us his before photo. Holy cow! he was formally a bald guy. His before picture made him look like he was heavier and in his fiftys. He told us he was actually 47.

Absolutely amazed by his transformation, I asked the big question. HOW MUCH?

He said with a smile on his face. Children get their hair back for free at HairClub.

Since then my daughter is happy, doing better in school.

HairClub gave me back my daughter. Thank you

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  • Thomas Fimiani
  • 732 247 8282
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