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Poor service, unprofessional quality and quantity. Hair stylist poor, quality of product poor, uncooperative, total ripoff.

Do not finance with Care Credit. They will pay Hair Club all money upfront. When Hair Club will not perform as promised, will not return money and Care Credit will not make adjustment as contract states they will. A real pain in the south end.

A total set up scam. Heed my advice, don't get caught up in the lies and worthless promises. Its not as sweet as they make it appear. Use Caution and good sense.

Also, Hair Club will not stand behind product and when product fails, want you to finance or spend more money on another piece of worthless product. Its is definitely not what they advertise.

I rather spend my life bald, than another penny with a useless and worthless Hair Club. Its a joke.

Monetary Loss: $6910.

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Burien, Washington, United States #61683

I agree with all your comments. This company needs to be put out of business.

If someone did something bad to them, I don't think I would feel sorry for them. Please.......the only people that may benefit from them are the ones that don't have any hair at all. My hair was thinning in the top and they put a light on my head and told me that my cells were dead and the hair wouldn't grow in the top anymore. I later found out that the Dilantin that I was taking was making my hair come out.

I switched doctors and now my hair is trying to grow back in. I've learned that you have to do research before doing anything now.

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