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I had been a client for over 10 years. I the begining my "gold" level gave me 12 units annually, unlimited styles & shampoos and unlimited products. As time went on the units allowed decreased down to six per year. The free products went the way of the five cent Coca Cola bottles. The availablity

of appointments became fewer & fewer. The ability of visiting out of town centers is also a streach. You can not count on getting a service in another center unless booked far in advance. The staff is always trying to upgrade your level and sell the overrated and highly overpriced hair care products. The quality of the units also became noticable poorer, probalbe to encourage me to upgrade.

There are many salons who preform this type of service and a far lower cost and superior service.

I realize that hair loss is a private matter but if you investigate orther possibilities, much better results can be realized.

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Hair club is ruining my life. My hair looks terrible I lost all confidence I'm so disgusted I ever met them :cry


I hear you loud and clear...there are many on-line company's to choose from..go on line choose one of many and save thousands yearly...


What nonsense!