My experience with the staff in Mississauga has been more then fantastic! The stylists are wonderful and management staff has always made me feel part of a family.

The biomatraix has done nothing but a confidence boost for me. Life is so much better for me. I came in for a consultation and right from be beginning they made me feel so comfortable. I had no problem signing onto anything they would have suggested.

Thank you Neda, Shaina & the amazing styling team! My opinion, do it! I don't feel like just a number here at hair club. This place is so wonderful and such a joy to come to.

They have a lot of patience and are so understanding.

This team is amazing!

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This posting is so FAKE!


Why would you praise a company on a complaint site? Because you're doing damage control that's why.

Is this Nellie?

Neda? Or somebody else these other complainants can't stand?

to Baldilocks #1333532

Nellie got fired

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada #898135

Clearly one of the staff...

to Noway #899683

No doubt about it..

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada #856373

I went there , their were rude , later on that week I shaved my head .... Nellie slow down, your not that hot!

to Joe #1308900

LOL,Erica is unprofessional on so many levels!

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