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I've been a customer of HCM for the past 3 years now. I've been using the Alive scalp cleanser on an almost daily basis.

It has helped with the itching I get sometimes on my head. I have never had rashes or anything like this when the hair piece comes off/goes back on or due to any of the products that I get from HCM. In fact when the hair piece comes off I like to scratch my actual scalp a little bit because it feels good. I love my hair stylist.

Yes, the monthly charge to maintain it is about the price of a car payment not a mortgage payment (well it could be depending on the plan you chose). It is not cheap by any means. You have a contract and for the first 6 months it is a certain amount with everything included. Pay it off before the 6 months are up.

If not you'll have to the original contract plus the monthly fee on whatever plan you chose to go with on top of this which might make it impossible to do both payments. They give you 6 months interest free to pay it off which I did. Before HCW I was embarrassed at my balding head. I always had a hat on for pictures.

Now you can't tell that I'm wearing a head piece. I change my style every 8 weeks if I'd like. Sometimes I wear it long and other times I get it cut closer to shoulder length. I will usually go with my hair stylist recommends as she knows me and I trust her judgement.

If I don't like the way she styled my hair I can always change it in 8 weeks when I get new hair. My hair piece too was a smidgen darker than my own hair but I figured my natural hair color is such an odd color it'd be hard to match it exactly. I tried the blonde hair pieces but they lose hair really badly. We found a compromise.

I am getting blonde highlights in my hair now. I have a lot more confidence and no longer wear hats in pictures. HCW is not cheap but to me their services are worth it. Very rarely do I have any problems with HCW and when I do it is usually a scheduling issue with my stylist being out for whatever reason and no one else being available.

It happens as they get sick, family emergencies, take time off, etc. HCM has specials on their hair products and this is the time to stack up to save money. I buy their big bottles of shampoo, conditioner, scalp cleanser, etc. as it will last me a few months.

I tried another company online before HCW where I had a laser comb, their shampoo/conditioner but their minoxil solution. This was not cheap either especially their shampoo/conditioner which ran me over $100 but it was not helping to regrow my hair. My hair follicles are dead on top (some of them anyway)and are not coming back. This is my only solution unless I want to have a wig that I can ***/on every night.

I'd prefer not to and my hair piece looks natural. One of my friends whom I hadn't seen in years saw me recently. He commented on it.

He hadn't seen me since I started going to HCW. He saw me when I was very thin on top.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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