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Tgis has been a nightmare for me after hair club in Bloomington illinois took my membership from me. I was a long standing client, never missed a payment.

Yes, i did complain about the cut. Even the stylest told me she did not want to cut the length. "12 to"5 .i asked for "2, inches. Since then i had horrible problems trying to find a solution.

I went to hcm because i wanted to be free, to get up and wash my hair then leave. Now i find myself with all the dread i went in there to solve. Funny i paid $29"000 and have one matrix. Ive tried and tried to get my membership back but its all a game with someone's life.

I could not think of anything more cruel then what they have taken from me. Have a heart and give back my membership. I lost enough over the last year and a half. My personal problems did bleed over and i found myself unable to forgive this.

I emplore hcm to give my membership back! Im tired of the struggle and just want to be me again. What a horrible decision to do this. Its time i think they should reconsider.

Don't care how much i have to pay just want yo go in get my care and leave. Help!

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