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My elderly parents live in senior residence and have signed up to have their prescriptions delivered by Guardian pharmacy to a store inside the facility. They also signed up for automatic payment through a credit card. While Guardian does charge the credit card immediately, they also send a bill with a list of prescriptions and their costs. However no where on the bill does it state that the prescriptions have already been charged to a credit card. The bill includes a due date and an envelope to send payment. Guardian also sends out a reminder letter a few days after saying they have not received payment, and therefore my mother (and other seniors) write them a check, forgetting that they have automatic payment.

This practice of double billing is deceptive and Guardian pharmacy is preying on seniors.

Location: Miami, Florida

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The assisted living facility my elderly parent is in has a contract with Guardian Pharmacy. I am POA for my them and the first thing I noticed on their application was all the references to “responsible person” rather than “patient representative” or “POA for …”.

I crossed out all the “responsible person” references out and replaced POA, based on what an attorney advised.

I did not enter any credit card but checked the box “I will mail in payment by check promptly after receipt of Guardian's statement.” (which I do for all bills concerning my parent). I called them and they will not even process the application for needed medication unless they have their hands on your wallet.


I agree with the previous person. Beware !!!!

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