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I made an online purchase of a Blaze 32" grill from Grilling Grills for $2,704.99, fortunately via Paypal. I received a confirmation email from the company.

Several days later I receive another email claiming that they are "temporarily out of stock" and that my order is being canceled upon my request, which was false.

I went on their website, and it showed that 8 of the item I purchased was in stock. I contacted Grilling Grills via email, and they replied that I could purchase the grill again, but for $100 more.

It appears that Grilling Grills is knowingly selling products they may or may not have, fail to deliver the product, then cancel the sale if they can get a higher price for the exact same product elsewhere.

User's recommendation: Obviously, avoid doing business with them.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Grilling Grills Cons: Will not deliver products purchased for agreed upon price.

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Thanks for allowing us to explain what happened. Our customer placed an order on February 24 for the Blaze 32", on February 28 we canceled the order Because it went out of stock, due to the global supply chain.

On March 3, we got it back in stock, but for a higher price, due to the inflation and the price increasing throughout the world. On March 16, this customer came ahead and requested to reinstate his order with the original price, Which was no more valid, we explained to him that the price increased, but since the inconvenience we caused him, we can give it to him for $100 less than our price, which he was not satisfied with it. And here we are!

I hope this founds helpful. Have a blessed day!

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