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Update by user Mar 31, 2020

So this is how they respond,Green Payment Processing For Business Green Merchant Account De-Activated.Your Account with Green has been De-Activated. If you require information about why your account is no longer active please Contact Us.In some instances, our system automatically deactivates accounts for inactivity or non-payment.

If you feel your account was deactivated in error, please reach out to us as soon as possible.Green Payment Processing 404-891-**** Support@***.Money Green|:8:0:1:| First time I've heard from them! They stole all of the money out of our account then just close it out!

what more proof do you need!!?? Im going to the attorney general about this.

Update by user Mar 30, 2020


Original review posted by user Mar 30, 2020

I and a few partners of mine have set up a business accepting online payments and checks. We needed to find a company to process the checks for us.

So we where told about Green by a (idiot) friend of ours. ***Turns out NEVER go off of the word of a millennial when it comes to references or anything of importance.*** So we set up an account with Green a month ago. At first it seemed cut and dry. After the first week we started getting revenue in from our customers and we where doing great!

We accured over 20k in checks that needed to be processed by the time we where in with Green the first week ( granted we where getting money in before we checked into Green and the checks stacking up is what led us to seek professional help in handling and keeping track of these checks). So we tried having Green process the first batch of checks. We waited, waited and waited nothing happend. Though they did charge and take money out of our linked bank account.

All we recived where a bunch of fees for not having enough money in the bank account to cover the hundreds they where taking out for the "processing fees". To our understanding we where to be billed MONTHLY. So we added in more money to the account, the next day they drained all of that money and reported the same thing. Still no checks processed.

Day after day it was always something else. We needed to redo this form and resubmit another form, litteraly OVER 25 forms later they still wouldnt process any checks. Even though in there system it said they where all good and cleared to be processed. We've pre paid to the account, we've sent bitcoin to the account we have our bank linked to the account but still all of that is not enough for these blood suckers.

A month, MONTH later still no processed checks, to the point we have had to suspend our sales till we can catch up on processing checks because all of the product sold has had to come out of our pockets because Green is holding the checks from our customers and we didn't want to risk them getting double charged if we just sent them through our bank. TENS OF THOUSANDS this company has cost us, plus reputation not only that but we drained our personal accounts to cover our customers because GREEN apparently can't do their *** job! So now we are dead in the water trying to figure out a different solution. Green has kept all of the money they funneled out of our accounts and refuse to respond to any emails sent!

I am filing with IC3 and the Attorney General. Don't EVER hire this company they are not only an inconvenience but a scam. They will drain your bank accounts and ignore you! They have cost us tens of thousands out of our own pockets and in sales alone.

They have the potential to cripple your company if your just starting out. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!

User's recommendation: ***AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!***.

Monetary Loss: $22.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Green Money Pros: Feel like f ing yourself great place to start.

Green Money Cons: Drain bank account, Cost money out of pocket, Delays, No customer service.

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Green.Money sucks. They charged me fees on fake checks that went through their verification system. Godawful company


I am going through the same thing right now. Awful company

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