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On Jan. 15th,2019 due to medical issues, I ordered a Great Call Jitterbug 2 Smartphone.

I had used a Great Call flip phone for several years and had no problems with it. I read about the Smartphone and trusted Great Call when I chose to get another phone. When I called to inquire/purchase it, it was being sold at CVS, RiteAid , etc. for $79.

When I called Great Call directly, the cost was $149 and I questioned difference. Did feel that assist in repair, might be an advantage to go with Great Call directly. . Packaged nicely, arrived in just a few days.

I opened it and read the directions .HOWEVER, the phone would not function at all! Even though it came fully activated, screen kept going black so could not make/receive a call. TRIED CALLING FIVE STAR (emergency assist) AND IT WOULD NOT FUNCTION AT ALL. I called the Great Call operator from another phone and tried to speak to someone but it wasn't til about 4th try I reached someone.

She put me on hold and said NOT to hang up, so we could resolve problem. I waited 34 minutes on an open line and she never returned. So I hung up. Lots of problems trying to return it..supervisor said he would give me a factory warranted one (phone was not usable from day 1) and only a few days old, but he was going to send me a used one.Unfortunately, for me, the second one is also nonfunctional.

Allowed me to input info but then screen froze..had to reboot each time to use. The staff (remotely ) spent 4 hrs. and it would work. Three minutes after hanging up, would freeze again.

They spent another two hours and it still would not work!!! Still waiting to send this one back. Also the design is poorly made so within 4 or so inches you have 3 controls with one on right at same level (flat surface) is Star 5 in red. I can't tell you how many times I touched the bottom of phone as I was putting it in purse, picking it up and the darn thing called star five!!!

That part worked as long as screen wasn't frozen. No more phones from Great Call. I am not sure but tend to think the first (new) phone I ordered for $149 was actually a return. Someone had put a screen protector on it before I got it.

I was told to pull it off by staff. The 2nd new one to replace it came with no screen protector on it and obviously was the way the first one should have looked. You are asking for problems and possibly lack of needed help if you have half the problems i did with this phone and company. Am presently waiting to return both phones.

Shipping label arrived today for phone 1, defective since arrival 1/15; approx.

6 week delay before I can return it!! Still will be waiting to return phone 2.

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order # 27675381 acct# 3267661 3/25/2019 Hello! I wish to terminate cell phone service with Jitterbug flip Great Call as of above date. Sincerely, Mary E Fahey 50 Harvard Ave Brookline, MA 02446

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