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My husband and I (middle-aged) just got off the phone with Great Call, trying to set up a Jitterbug phone for my very elderly parents. It was the worst case of customer service I have ever experienced in my life.

We wanted the absolute cheapest plan as my parents will only be using it to order Ubers, and the rep 100% refused to listen to us and kept trying to up sell their fancy Med Care 5 star package. We kept saying no. He wouldn't listen. This went on for several minutes.

My husband asked to speak to his supervisor. The guy spoke over him. We wanted the cheap package on the Jitterbug box ($17/mo) The guy flatly refused to sell it to us. We kept asking for the supervisor.

He kept talking over us, telling us why we needed it for peace of mind, and we needed more minutes. NO, we said, we don;t need it. We started saying "SUPERVISOR" AND THE GUY KEPT TRYING TO SELL US THE $27/MO PACKAGE Finally I ended up screaming like a crazy person. I have never done that in my life.

I'm a nice person! I don't scream at service people! We get a supervisor who tells us we can have the cheap package that's on the box, but "she doesn't have a computer" (WTF??) so we have to talk to the first guy again...uh nooooooo...long story short, we THINK we have the cheapest package we requested, but who knows. As if having a mother who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's wasn't stressful enough - these upselling clowns preying on the elderly (you KNOW that upselling *** works on almost everyone who calls) is just odious.

What a terrible experience.

If we weren't sorely in need of their bigass easy to read phone, I would have told them where to put it. For all the Grandmas paying through the nose for their lousy "5 Star Plans"....

Product or Service Mentioned: Greatcall Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: an apology from someone in management and training for the guy who refused to listen to us and wouldn't stop trying to upsell us.

GreatCall Cons: Customer service, Relentless upselling, Inability to listen to customer.

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