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This so called medical device that is or was suppose to help we the elderly and disabled. First time it did not work, second time the operator said the devises are being recalled and too call customer service to return the device ?

No one every even bothered to ask what my emergency was ?

They absconded us who are sick, affirmed, elderly and ill, no help ever offered so my spouse called them and was told do not use it as it is not working properly and we will give you a fifty dollar gift card if you send it back without any complaints.

WE ALL got defrauded and scammed . I will never ever do any business with either company Best Buy or Great Call ever again.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $275.

Preferred solution: File complaint with US Government oversight.

GreatCall Cons: Anything about their defective devices and fraud.

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What a shame that a major US company namely Best Buy and Great Call who make millions off the public, have been selling a defective product that was suppose to help anyone in an emergency. My Daughter got one for School Safety at she is attending an out of State University located in a very bad part of that cities area.

Three weeks ago she and several friends needed Police Help, they used the Great Call Mobile Lively Plus Device to seek emergency help, not one person every answered the call no one to help, they soon learned the Locator does not work, as nor does the GPS. The campus police got their in time, they too tested the device and all they got was a recorded answer to use your visa card to connect ?

We just found out that the devices are a piece of garbage and do not work, they are being recalled as a Safety problem, they knew the devices are defective and yet allowed who knows how many people have this, thinking it can help them , all false we are now seeking legal advice and the school has told via Public Notice to all that if you have a Great Call Device to contact your parents and staff as they are being recalled as being defective. Bottom line is they-Best Buy and Great Call need to be help accountable and investigated


This device is 100% a fraud, it was made for Great Call and Best Buy in China . The Great Call Lively Plus never did work as it promised.

It failed 32 times all during development, software is second rate and defective, but Great Call got it cheap and dumped it on all the Old and Sick Americans. Here is the main phone number to complain about the Fraud and Defrauded the People. 1-858-720-7391 call and file a complaint as this recall is another scam to defraud people, they got caught and now are trying to blame the Chinese who made the device all to there specs of Great Call a known defective.

The software was and is totally defective and Great Call knew it and still sold it to the sick and older Americans, DO NOT buy or ever use any devices by Great Call and or Best Buy. If you love your loved ones stay away from Great Call

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