Chicago, Illinois
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My friend passed away and willed to me her Jitterbug Model J cell phone. I tried to transfer her account to my name and was told that I had to open a new account. I was also told by Jitterbug that my new Jitterbug cell phone could not be activated. The phone works perfectly. I asked if Jitterbug Model J had operational difficulties and was told that it works perfectly. However the Jitterbug company said that Model J phones, even though they work perfectly, were not activated because of their company policy.

The denial of service for the Model J was denied because of a corporate decision. I then asked if I could turn in my Model J and get credit for this phone and was told NO !!. I told Jitterbug that this was a corporate policy of planned obsolescence which renders a perfectly good phone inoperative. Then I asked if their termination of service entitled me to some compensation and their answer was again NO !!

They wanted me to buy a new cell phone even though I had a good operating unit. Then I was directed to a sales representative and told her my story. Again I was told that Jitterbug only was only interested in selling me a new unit and to throw away my perfectly functioning older cell phone unit.

This is a corporate decision in which the profit motive is paramount and the customer is cheated of service and left to buy a new product. Corporation profit comes first and the customer comes last

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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