Albuquerque, New Mexico

The day after I posted my complaint, a VP in Customer Service left me a phone message saying my brother's balance had been cleared and they were sorry. A series of family issues delayed me from posting this notice and relaying my thanks to Ms. Weaver, both of which I do now along with an apology for tardiness.

I'm really glad that Jitterbug stepped up and did the right thing because I really like their phone. If you want something that's simple, not smart; that's easy to use, intuitively designed; suitable for larger hands and older eyes; offers a variety of plans; economical; and does the right thing by its customers--consider a Jitterbug.

And to Ms. Weaver: Your agents should be trained to advise people who buy a phone near the end of the billing cycle (I'll leave you to decide what "near the end" means) that in a very short time they will be charged for a second month's minutes. Thank you again

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