for my 83 yr old father who lives with us. I know there have been mixed reviews about the customer service, but we had an issues this month with the bill being $99 instead of the normal $32.

I called GC and spoke with Nicole in Customer Service. In reviewing the bill, we realized that the charges were from an international number that had been reported to FTC for scam phone calls. My dad had answered a call from a number he did not know (a BIG no-no) and it was someone claiming that he had won $750 million from Publishers Clearing House. The charges for all the phone calls back and forth (until I found out what was happening and put an end to it) totaled $56.

Nicole was able to confirm the scam phone number and requested from her supervisor that my dad's account be credited with the full $56. In just a few minutes, she was able to get the credit, which showed up immediately on his account. She was so nice and helpful and we were so appreciative since my dad is on a fixed income. We had reported the scam phone number (876-508-9250) to the FTC and we had a case number which Nicole documented in my dad's account.

She also said that they have regular meetings to talk about things like this and her supervisor said it would definitely be on the next meeting agenda. Beware of that phone number - according to the FTC, they are targeting Veterans (my dad served in Korea).

What a shame that there are evil people in the world trying to rip the elderly and vets off! Thank you to Nicole and GreatCall for helping through this!

Product or Service Mentioned: Greatcall Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

GreatCall Pros: Customer service.

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