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This company is willing to steal and over bill its clients and not pay their employees like they should be paid. I was employed by them and they seemed to always have problems in their payroll department.

I ended up resigning because they had stolen money out of my pay check and refused to repay it! I am outraged! I am a single mother of four children.... if they will steal from me they will steal from anyone.

The customer service is the worst that I have ever seen. Thios company has zero respect for the people who work their butts off to make the company look good. Tim Kinnetz is a *** !!! As the owner of the company, Tim promotes the payroll department (his wife Jeanine) to steal from the people who are already underpaid for the work that they do!

I am sorry that I have ever worked for such a terrible company! They offer no benifits and they are theifs!

If you need medical staffing assistance in the Southeastern Iowa area I would recommend PRN Medical Staffing! They will do you right and they ar totally against stealing and over billing!

Location: West Point, Iowa

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Kilian Dui

I have never been treated so poorly by a company who is suppose to care for other humans! I feel so sorry for the individuals that work for this scam company!

You should have filed a claim with the labor board. They cannot withhold money from you.

Kilian Dui

Clearly, this was written by Grapetree admin staff. NO ONE likes to work at this place!


I have worked for Grapetree for 4 1/2 years. I love the flexibility and the pay.

I set my own hours, pick up shifts if I want them, choose the facility I want to work at, take vacations when I want and not have to check with anyone to do so. If you are a good employee, show up for work when you are supposed to, and are willing to drive this is a great company to work for.


I love working for Grapetree. We by no means are underpaid.

We make more than working for the actual facilities.

Never had a problem with payroll or communications. Your job is what you make it.

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