Graham Bibby's book Master Your Mind Master Your Money discusses strategies for investing and life, which sparked my curiosity in stockmarket investing.

I have since seen Graham Bibby present in Singapore and Hong Kong discussing his investing knowledge from his 30 years experience including CEO of Richmond Asset Management and Richmond Group Asia Pacific.

Since I have been following Graham Bibby's investment advice, I have been very pleased with the results and will continue to recommend Graham to my friends and family when looking for a stockmarket expert.

I often tune in on CNBC and enjoy his commentary on the various economies and money markets. Thank you Graham Bibby for your Insider's Club service and protecting my wealth.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Graham Bibby Pros: Expertise of graham bibby, Graham bibby book, Investment advisory, Customer service.

Location: Clayton North, Victoria

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I wish I never saw their Ads. It was a very big Truman but I am happy I was referred to a crypto expert.

She taught me the way trading is done.

But thanks to Kate for her assistance that restored my happiness by helping recover all I lost to them can talk to Kate for help she has a heart of gold. You can reach out to Kate through her info mail her kateanderson8277@ g m a i l .Com


This guy is a grifter conning everyone he meets . Hong Kong (where he had his license revoked by the authorities and left his investors penniless ) Thailand , where he conned people for spurious investments and Singapore .

He can’t go to any of these countries .

Don’t engage with him in whatever situation . He is now trying to peddle his snake oil in Indonesia .




Graham is one of the most standup businessmen I've had the pleasure of knowing over the years, I know exactly what happened and can assure you Graham was a victum of having to deal with a corrupt system.I don't understand what makes people so naive, I guess it's easy to cast stones from the couch. Mike of all people, have some respect for your family. Disgraceful.


Just came across this. I am wondering how you can say he is a standup businessman when he used $3M of investors money to fund his and his Thai wifes own own private land transactions in Thailand , did nothing to explain to them what happened and disappeared off leaving their investment worthless.

No explanations, apologies or offers to find a way to recompense in any way . After some years the intermediary fund managers in Jersey closed it out themsleves so the $3M went to $0 and all investers lost all their money. .

Bibby was no where to be seen . No integrity or credibility in him.


He is a complete *** artist , crook , thief , fraudster - perm any one from four . He has left a trail of deceit in Hong Kong , Thailand and in Australia . Do not give this many a single cent .

The Thai authorities want to interview him re fraudulent transactions, but he won't leave Australia .


He has now left Australia "I am located in Bali, although I do travel a lot back and forth to Australia but also Malaysia and Philippines." August 2018 Beware people in Bali


Read this before you have anything to do with Graham Bibby: Hong Kong regulator the SFC revokes licences of Richmond Asset Management Limited and its responsible officer Graham Frank Bibby and bans him for 10 years



Whoever you are, I totally agree with you, I am his brother Mike Bibby and in my opinion he is a *** man, he has ripped me off of £300,000. If his own brother says be careful doing business with him why would anybody do it, be very careful


This comment was likely written by Graham himself as no one who has known him would make these comments.

He is a fraud, conman and liar who has defrauded investors in several countries.

Contact the SFC in Hong Kong and ask why his Richmond Asset Management was suspended.

Find out why he disappeared from Phuket with investors money.

Have nothing to do with this fraud.


Now the HK regulator has banned him for 10 years



Thank you for the review, just ordered a copy of Graham's book!


You're all so naive. Graham is a stand up businessman and was a victum to a corrupt legal system, not to mention a crashing property market.

He contributed money to save investors, but people need someone to blame so who else except the man on the ground.

Mike, pull your head in. Have some respect for your family.


No he did not contribute money to save investors. I know because I am one and he did nothing but lie to me and stole every penny of my money.

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