So disappointed in the flounder plates. The fish wasn't cooked correctly.

It was dry and fried too hard. There was a couple sitting near us that had the same problem. They had been there before, said their plates were the same as ours, and they were giving this business another try. Like us, this couple has been coming to eat at Graham & Rollins for years.

The customer service is very lacking. The young boy at the order window waited on us on his own time. He was floating around, talking to other employees. I guess we were invisible they were not busy!

There was no greeting uttered, as any business should have. He could at least have told us that he would be with us shortly. He had a personality of a rock. That should have been an indication of things to come and walked out.

Mr. Graham, your business is slipping! Either you are on the way out or just don't care about your customers anymore. Such a shame, this business has been around a long time, serving great food and great customer service.

Get another cook, cause he or she doesn't care about the food they are cooking. You also need to correct the employees that are lack-luster. The way they treat your customers is unacceptable! A smile and a greeting goes a long way.

We will not be coming back as the other couple will not either. We both are telling all our friends about this and advising them to go else where. Until Mr. Graham corrects this and hire employees that want to work and cook some decent food, we will not be back.

What a shame, you did have great food plates and customer service in the past. Sad.

This business has so much history in that area. One of the last of the 'hole in the wall' businesses.

Preferred solution: They need to improve their employees work ethic and customer service. Employ workers that want to work for you and your customers. Also employ workers that can cook food correctly..

Graham And Rollins Pros: Lotts of seafood.

Graham And Rollins Cons: Sorry customer service and the food they cook.

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