I just want to make sure everybody knows that I don't want to disrespect anybody and I have to accept my responsibility in my consequences I no longer want to mess with electronics there anything like that so if you could please give me a call to help me understand and give me some solutions to better myself it's too better myself I'm sorry to the community that I disrespected in those movies and stuff like that notice respect I'm sorry about everything to my wife my children I'm really sorry that I did what I did and damn dumb I just can't live this life of being who I am I'm sorry about that and to the people the committee I'm sorry for the discussion disrespect that I've shown to everybody and I wish I could change but I don't think I can I have to accept my acceptability and I'm dumb is bility and if I ever get out of jail for a disrespect in the community and people out there I still want to be homeless I still want to be not taking psychic meds I still don't want to be who I am but I learned my lesson about electronics do not I will no longer complain just let this stop please let all of the stop please I don't care anymore I just want to stop and like us

User's recommendation: Anyway have a good night I recommend you not messing with technology if you don't know anything about it don't do anything about it leave it alone don't think that you're smart enough because you read some damn code and some computer that gives you a ride to mess with something you don't know about from B and B and L call it an addict and mental illness I disrespected a lot of people and I didn't know what exactly I was doing but promoting that stuff is pretty stupid that was pretty stupid with hate and disgust I'm sorry whatever I lost I had to be accountable for and just don't do it don't mess with something you don't know about call somebody 1st all right.

Location: Kenosha, Wisconsin

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