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I received four on four implants in 2011. At first I was thrilled even though he had drilled through my sinus cavity and my bite couldn't ever be adjusted after multiple visits to the office!

They still looked like my teeth so I could smile again. I continued to return to the office trying to get the bite adjusted and the I had a few teeth break out because of the bite. I had a sore in the side of my cheek because of the bite that hurt like crazy but he said there was nothing that he could do about it if I wanted the implants! Again it was me not his work!

I moved from Las Vegas to Florida and soon after the top denture broke in half! I couldn't do anything because it was screwed into the implant! I went to a local dentist in tears and he helped me. He stated he could fix the denture but could do anything about the way the implants were put in.

Not only that but they were piece-mealed meaning all different brands put in! I went to another expert who was not only an implant dentist but an oral surgeon.

He stated not only did I permanently lose the few implants but all of them would have to be removed! What a disgrace!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $29000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Winter Springs, Florida

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I also had very bad work received 3 implants and an attempt to put in 3 more which would of perforated my left sinus that failed so I could go no further. I need bone grafting or special implant that go into the zygoma and pterygoid because of severe maxillary resorption.


Shows he is only after over priced solutions. You only get one set of they, others offer a final set for the same cost...Do your research!

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