Before getting implants I searched online to find good reviews. There were so many good reviews on him, I decided on getting 8 implants!

The problem; after the teeth get put in directly after surgery, you feel and look great. They ask what the experience was like and if you were happy with your teeth? Still somewhat groggy and pain free from the anesthesia, all was feeling and looking fine! So I gave him a good review on my phone so they could copy what I said.

A year and a half later, I would beg anyone thinking of getting implants from him, DON'T! I've had pain for over a year. Went to him, never saw him, only one of his cronies. That doctor said after I told him I've had constant pain in my lower jaw.

His reply, "Oh, I'm not worried about that!" Nothing was ever done! I have pain in the bottom back implant leaving one side to chew with, my head throbs, the teeth don't fit properly as one side is lower than the other, so my bite displaces the implant. I made an appointment with Dr. Golpa.

I was in such pain and tired from my head throbbing, I cancelled. I asked the Golpa office girls if instead could I just talk to him via phone at my appointment time? They said yes. He never called!

So I called them. The girls said well he didn't have time, that there were other patients besides me that had to be seen. Nothing was ever said about getting me pain meds or the doctor would call later. I was so furious I hung up on the girl at the office.

If I could do it over again, I would not!!! Please stay away from him. I have not one nice thing to say about him or the people that work for him. He likes money!

Once he gets it, by by! He is not accountable for the work he does!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This is a long review/complaint I hate writing about my experience at Golpa in a negative way but I feel people need to know what can happen should you need your arches replaced. I spent several years researching where I'd want to get my dental implants done.

I knew it was expensive and I didn't want to make the wrong choice. I ended up choosing Golpa after reading all the raving reviews- and the few bad ones. Every business/service has some bad reveiws. I looked at how they do the procedure and the cost was less (that is always a plus) I saw all the photo's of the beautiful teeth that people left Golpa with.

I was really excited to get mine done. The following is my journey from happy to very frustrated and unhappy- I had this procedure done a year ago. For the first 5 months I loved my arches. I attached photo's of what they looked like right after my surgery on real self.

A few months later I had a cosmetic defect in my upper front tooth appear. It couldn't be fixed. I had to have a new full set made. The first two replacement sets were huge and bulky.

They looked nothing like what I originally picked out and paid for. I couldn't hardly talk because they were were to big. Apparently Golpa's Lab is making the arches thicker due to breakage on the older sets/material. But that doesn't explain why my replacement arches were the wrong size and shape.

The gum color was a lot darker. As a result I spent the past 6-7 months needing to go in and have the lab re-make them several times. The lab made me completely different sets each and every time. To this day the lab has NOT been able to replicate my original tooth shape and size on my upper and lower arches.

I don't understand why it is so hard for them to do. I know the lab can't make them exactly the same but they sure can make the tooth shape and size the same- or close enough. I was also told by staff members that in order to replace an arch they need to make both the upper and lower. Since the new ones were so drastically different and didn't fit right I had to keep going in every couple months hoping I'd finally get my arches fixed.

What is confusing to me is that when you go in to Golpa you are taken to the lab where you pick out your teeth. I did that. The lab is suppose to note that on your chart. They also note the color of teeth, gums etc...So what happened?

The arches they re-made for me were NOTHING like what I originally picked out. The last set they made, before the ones I currently have, were fine. But again, I ended up with a scratch/defect on an upper front tooth. I had to have a new set made.

Since then Golpa changed to a better material and that is suppose to fix the problem with breakage and scratches. I was happy to hear that because I felt embarrassed about how many times I have had to call and complain. That isn't who I am. I have better things to do with my time- like help take care of my husband who is having a lot of health issues right now.

Every couple months I am going to Golpa's trying to get my arches fixed to look like what I paid for. I finally got the uppers done right (took until Dec 2019) but the bottom arch is a mess. Teeth are tiny compared to what I picked out with my original set. They look like baby teeth now.

The lab can't make teeth bigger. I expressed my concern at my appointment on Thursday about the tooth size of my lower front anterior teeth. I also expressed my concern in December, 2019 when I first got this set. I told Golpa (staff) I didn't like how small/thin the lower front anterior teeth were and the other lower teeth looked "blocky".

I was told basically to deal with it and I could have them adjusted later if I still don't like them. I also asked about having them made a bit wider because they are very thin and look odd compared to my teeth on the upper arch. I even offered to pay Gopla for a brand new set of arches so the lab can start over and make them more like I originally picked out. Dr Golpa and staff told me no- they could fix the ones I have.

As I predicted. I got home and hated the way my lower arch looked. They looked wrong and nothing like my other lower arch. I went in on Thursday to have them make the plate/backside of my lower arch thinner and have my other lower teeth fixed.

The backside of the lower arch was really bulky and I couldn't talk right. The edge was rough and scratched my tongue. I also asked that they shorten my lower teeth a tad because they were to long. They sat to far above my lower lip line (They are also to thin).

I even had the staff bring me my first set so I could show Jose what I was talking about. Jose talked to me like it was my fault for not staying longer in December, when I got this set, and letting him scan them. I told him I didn't like the lower arch and I don't and didn't want it scanned as an arch they would use later. That and the fact I had just had gallbladder removal surgery and I was in some pain at that time.

The upper was fine. I also told Golpa I would pay for a brand new set of arches in the hope that if the lab could make them from scratch, again, they would turn out close to what I originally paid for. All of that is what got me where I am now. When I first got my most recent set in Dec, 2019, I commented on the lower arch looking like it didn't match the upper arch at all.

The upper arch is fine now. It's the closest to my original as they could get. The lower looks and looked NOTHING like my original lower arch. The lab took my arches and worked on them for 4 hours.

I was shocked and very upset when they brought my arches back. The top was the same but the lower was/is awful. I now have a giant patch of white on the backside of my lower arch. There is next to zero detail.

The teeth were made way to small and uneven. The gum part of the arch is dark pink, no detail, and looks like a poorly made denture. I am beyond upset. We spent 4 hours there and that is what I left with.

I also found out the lab scanned my set. That takes 2-3 hours. That means he spent little time fixing my lower arch and why it looks like a rushed job. My upper teeth are bigger and look natural.

The way I wanted them to look. The teeth on my lower arch looked long and thin. Gum was darker in color. After the lab "fixed them" they look short, uneven, and half or more of them look like baby teeth.

They look odd. I have anxiety so this has been really frustrating to deal with. I've lost sleep. I don't want to talk or smile big because you can see how bad my lower arch looks.

End result after Thursday's visit? They didn't fix them. My lower arch looks worse than before. I am frustrated and embarrassed by my teeth.

The lowers look so bad. When I talk or open my mouth you can see how uneven the root area of my lower anterior teeth are (that is how tiny they made some of my lower teeth). The anterior teeth are small. I called on Friday very upset.

I realized that instead of shortening the lower front anterior teeth from the top down the lab just added a bunch of pink to the root area. They didn't add any detail or even try to make them look natural. They look even smaller than they did before and they still sit really high above my lower lip line. I called Golpa and I was told that my teeth wouldn't sit right if they shortened them from the top down.

At this point I don't even care if they sit to high I just want them to FIX my lower front anterior teeth, and the rest of my lowers, to match my original lower arch and tooth size. Smaller size teeth don't look right with larger upper teeth. It's been over 6-7 months now and Golpa's lab STILL can't get them right. I was told by Dr Golpa that some imperfection was a good thing.

Really? I paid for perfection or as close to perfection as humanly possible. Some imperfection is okay but what I have isn't "some imperfection" it is ridiculous the way my bottom teeth look now. If I'd known what I'd end up with I'd paid the extra and gone somewhere else.

The time and energy wasted trying to fix my arches isn't worth saving a few thousand dollars. At this point I feel like the lab just takes all the information they gather at your consultation and throw it out-disregard it. There is no other explanation as to why the replacement arches look completely different than what you originally pick out. The lab does whatever they want and if you don't like it and complain then they just make them worse as they re-make them.

At least that has been my experience so far. I go in again on Monday to have the lab fix this mess on my lower arch. I have no faith they will do it right. Golpa refuses to take my money for a brand new set so I will be stuck with whatever Jose decides to do or not do.

I'd go somewhere else and give them my money to make my arches but I don't feel I should have. I paid Golpa to do a professional job. My thought now is if I pay Golpa (they need to let me pay them) and let the lab start all over they MIGHT make them the way they should look and closer to what I picked out. OR I may end up with worse ones.

I just feel stuck. The most upsetting and disheartening part of my visit on Thursday was the fact the Dr Golpa himself told me that the blotchy white mess behind my lower arch should be a non issue since you can't see it unless I tilt my head a certain way with my mouth open. That is not the point at all. Just because you can't see all of the work done, that you paid a lot of money for, doesn't mean it's okay to do a *** job on it.

Seriously. I know it's there and the rest of the lower arch is terrible looking. When I pointed out how uneven my lower anterior teeth are and the rest of my lower teeth look way to small Dr Golpa told me imperfection was okay. Um, no it is not okay with me.

I went to Golpa because they promise natural, realistic, perfect teeth. The teeth I picked out looked perfect. I know and expected there would be little tiny flaws here and there. I truly hope they will get fixed on Monday.

But after what happened on Thursday I am not feeling that will be the case. Went in on Monday and a staff member called me back. She was rude and basically told me that Dr Golpa was the only one who was going to deal with me now and I'd need to reschedule my appointment because he wasn't in. Seriously?!

No one called and told me my appointment was canceled. I am furious. I left very embarrassed. The staff went from super nice and caring to rude and insulting.

If you complain to much they will treat you like trash. Nevermind that you spend on average 36,000 dollars and expect to get what you picked out and paid for. The lab will retaliate and go rogue by making your replacement arches whatever they feel like and not what you originally paid for. There are far better options than Golpa.

Pay the extra and go with them. Save yourself a lot of frustration and time. I got a 2nd opinion at another Dentist and they were pretty shocked at how my lower arch looks and how the implants were put in. My implants haven't failed which is a good thing but a couple of them were put in at odd angles.

Not a big deal though. Apparently they have redone several of Golpa's patients teeth/arches. We had planned on my husband getting his all on 4 done with Golpa but now he is even hesitant. He is very easy going so I was surprised he is considering getting them done somewhere else.

My husband has gone with me everytime I go to Golpa's. Lastnight he looked at me when I was talking, paused, and said, "yeah, I can see where your bottom teeth look like baby teeth" that did it for me.

I just want them fixed so bad once and for all. I don't know what to do at this point.

Issa Wlc
reply icon Replying to comment of Saturn11

Please tell me you were able to get them done correctly by another dentist! I COULD HAVE WRITTEN YOUR EXACT STATEMENT!!!!!!

Please share with us, the dentist that helped you, as many of us ‘golpa gullible's’ need ours fixed too.


Carden Wqe
reply icon Replying to comment of Issa Wlc

Hello. This is KST.

I went to Dr Korshid in Las Vegas. Wonderful dentist and person. ABC Dental. If he can fix the issue he will.

I am thrilled with my new arches and they look real.

No problems at all. Good luck:)) let us know how it goes.

Carden Wqe
reply icon Replying to comment of Issa Wlc

Dr Khorshid**

Issa Wlc
reply icon Replying to comment of Carden Wqe

Thanks so much! God bless.

Chris B Cnt

WARNING: After your check clears they cant remember your name, they dont return phone calls or emails and are “in a meeting”. It cost extra to see Golpa and not as easy and pleasant as they portray in their ads.

You will love them until the check clears. Then you are on your own.


Was there any reason you didn't actually mention the name of the dentist who did the implants. I know it wasn't Dr Golby himself but he has a number of dentists working with him.


Thank you for your comment. I was encouraged from all of the hype but had a feeling that this may be great until walking out the door and flying home.

Then, when and if problems arise, I certainly don't want to be ignored.

Just not having them locally creates a red flag for me. I was suspicious when I read the small print about the warrantee and how it could be voided by patients' actions!



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