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I purchased an item from geekbuying 2/5/2018. Shipping tracking told me the item was on the way. They said the item could take a couple of months, so I reached out to them 4/2018 asking what happened to the item. They told me to wait, because sometimes it takes a while. I asked for a refund when it still hadn't arrived. They then asked me to call the US post office to track down the item, saying it had left china already. I told them I had no US tracking number that I could use. They persisted to refuse to give a refund for the lost item. It is now 7/23/2018 more than 5 months later, and the item is nowhere to be found, this is their response to me from 4/14/2018

"Really sorry to you

Because we met many of the cases that after 2 moths or even up to 3 months our customer received the package very well. So we need to make sure that customer have the post office confirmation about the lost( No matter you get the case number or the email confirmation). We hope customers can understand , sure that it seems a basic rule , but it's also flexible when we are handling all kinds of cases. Geekbuying is a reliable and a responsible company , and we will be responsible for the result.


Customer Service Representative

Geekbuying "

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