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Geekbuying encourages customers, immediately after order intake, to write a positive review. They ask you to do so and even promise discount coupons for a positive review.

(like has been stated in a review) Their sales agents are very friendly, humble, cooperative and full of compassion. Customers can not resist when asked to write a review.

Geekbuying after sales team is the opposite. They do not seriously reply to complains, that is, if your are that lucky to get a reply at all.

When you have a problem with Geekbuying and they do not respond, it is advised to write a negative review at www.resellerratings That will awaken them. They will reply straight away and promise to solve your problem when you delete your negative review. They will keep promising without any intention to solve your problem. They keep lingering that long until your time frame to return an item or to open a dispute at paypal has passed.

If you keep pressing they might come with a proposal that might include additional charges even if the mistake is theirs. They also may ask to return the item with the cheapest package delivery service available to limit extra cost.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

  • scamming customers
  • untrustworthy
  • unreliable companies
  • no after sales care
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Hi Customer

This is the aftersale sale service representative of geekbuying

We are so sorry for inconvenience to you

Could you please tell me your order number and the problem in detail?

So I can try my best to help you out

You can also contact us here : Do not worry, we will be in touch until your problem be solved Wish you and your family a nice weekend Sincerely yours Geekbuying aftersale department

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