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Booked a trip to Japan, seemed simple enough. The first day was supposed to be a city tour and afternoon of "free travel", where you could roam around at your leisure, and day two I booked a day trip by bus to Mt Fuji.

I have friends in Tokyo and they made room in their schedule to meet up with me on day 1 and even reserved a table for us at an upscale restaurant.

A few weeks before the trip I get an email saying that day 1 and 2 were switched because of the city tour availability.

Instead of phoning me and asking directly, or offering options, like a refund, they simply switch the days. They assumed and made changes to my itinerary without asking, which irked me, but I can understand as they thought they were helping.

This is my issue now: In my case I am fine missing the city tour because I'll be meeting with friends. I want to change the Fuki bus trip back to day 2.

I phone in. No one from the Operations department can be reached. They'll call me tomorrow. Tomorrow rolls by. No call. I call them back. They see the note was made, but they don't have a contact number for the Operations department. They don't even know the extension to ask on my behalf.

Allow me to repeat for emphasis: The customer service representative at this company has no way to directly reach another department in the company. There is no number, no extension, no email, no way of getting hold of them with questions. The request can be entered in my profile and then it's up to the mercy of Operations whether it's possible to revert back to the way I agreed to it when I originally paid for this trip. Could be days. They don't even know. So if the request is denied for whatever reason, I can only contact the customer service reps who like me, have no clues about what go on higher up in their own company.

This company is a disgrace. If I booked this trip myself I would be able to contact the tour operator first-hand. But now I simply wait to see what the mysterious unreachable Operations department decides.

I've never seen a company whose employees are so clueless as to what goes on in their own offices and who shield their customers away from any contact with the people who can actually control the trips they pay thousands for.

Stay away from this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $116.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Gate1travel Cons: Poor customer service, No contact information for operations department, Waiting days for replies, Changing itinerary without contacting me first to offer options.

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I,ve been on 8 gate oneto urs booked through my local travel agency. When they knocked the wheel off my luggage in Cape Town they took me to a luggage store and let me pick the luggage size close to mine.

Had some issues, always resolved before day was over. I,ve traveling with them for.

Almost 8 years just got back fro Australia and New Zealand beginning of just. As soon as I find a roomate want to go to Iceland.


We certainly regret if you felt there was any lapse in service. It seems that our staff worked as diligently as

possible with our overseas suppliers to provide an answer for you. Based on your records, it does seem that

you have been in communication with our staff to address this matter.


Let me clear some things up.

Even as I type this I have not heard back from the Operations Department people. They said they would call the day after I first made contact and they simply never did.

Anytime I had contact with customer service reps, it was because I had to call them and check in.

I resolved things in a manner of speaking by getting a refund on the day tour. No one was able to handle my request so I had to cancel it altogether.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and told them this service was unacceptable and was put on hold for 15 minutes.

When Josh, the customer service rep came back he told me Operations couldn't switch the dates. Did he speak to Operations in those 15 minutes? Did he read a note left by Operations? Did he have no other answers and make it up to get me off the phone?

Why do I need to guess? People pay thousands of dollars for some trips, and we have to annoy your staff three times a week to get answers?

If Operations already knew they couldn't switch my dates, why didn't they call like they said they would? Nothing about this scenario says "diligent work".

And here's the kicker - the SECOND I got off the phone with Gate 1, I called the Japanese tour operator that runs the bus tour (H.I.S-Go Japan) and booked the exact same tour for the day I wanted in 15 minutes!!! A WHOLE WEEK of waiting for Gate 1 and in the end I was able to do it myself before I even ate breakfast. Why would anyone need Gate 1 travel??

I really can't imagine how incompetent your staff is if they "worked as diligently as possible" for a full week just to fail while I could wield actual results in mere minutes.

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