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They booked our London hotel reservation under my husband's middle name instead of his last name and there was no record of our reservation. Luckily I always confirm before I leave for a trip and found this out several days before.

The hotel in London was nearly impossible to contact (in part because Virgin listed the wrong phone #), and it took me several days of nonstop calling, but I was able to fix the reservation issue. When I called the Virgin Atlantic representative (Holly) she sounded like she didn't care one bit and said that all I would need is the booking #. I asked her for the reservation number (which the hotel said I needed) but was told Virgin does not give out reservation #'s and that the name on the reservation didn't matter (seriously?). Frankly I'll take the word of the hotel and not someone who sounds like they couldn't care less.

I got the same 'I don't care attitude' when I called to tell them the hotel # was wrong. The reply I received was "what do you want us to do?" In addition we requested special meals on our flight and whoever did that send the request to the wrong airline and there was no record of the meals at the airport. Again I found this out beforehand and was able to get food for the flight (at my expense), but this company shouldn't be trusted. They offered us a $100 credit on our next trip after they read my compliant on a different site.

I told them if they really wanted to prove they're trying to fix it they would just give us the $100 as a refund. They didn’t. They also said the name mix-up was the hotels fault. Was refusing to give me the reservation # also the hotels fault?

It’s pretty clearly this is a company that has incompetent staff and doesn’t care.

There are plenty of travel agencies out there. Don’t use this one.

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