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On Tuesday 6/12/16, I called Gate1 and spoke to a rep. named Mika to discuss a tour to Jordan.

The attitude of the rep. was really terrible. She gave me incorrect information and debated me about it. She placed me on hold to get additional information related to my query and informed me that she was in fact wrong.

No apology was extended, no change of tone.

This is not the first time I have received poor phone customer service from Gate1 reps. It really turns me off from this agency.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Call any US Government agency and ask a question. People that don't know the answer will place you on hold and then hang up after 5 minutes.

Others make up an answer to get rid of you.

I always call at least 3 times and write a letter in order to get accurate information.

Reservation agents are usually entry level employees that have "cheat sheets" for common questions but only experience can answer the hard question.


I contacted them last year to clarify some information for a trip to Spain. The "customer service rep" was very rude, didn't want to answer my questions and kept referring me to the website. I chose not to take the tour with Gate 1 because of the reaction of the Gate 1 employee.


We appreciate you taking the time to bring this matter to our attention and we apologize for any lapse in service you may have received. Please be assured that this has been sent to our Reservations Department manager to review with the agent directly.


They do seem to have an attitude sometimes!