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I have used gate 1 several times and have been very happy. In fact I have recommended several friends who are now using Gate 1. My wife and I are in

our 80s and were looking forward to our dream vacation to Athens (above reservation). Our dream vacation has become a nightmare before it even began.

We booked last October and have paid in full. When I received my documents we noticed our flights have been rescheduled (no prior notification) This resulted in

a 5 hour earlier departure to Philadelphia with a 6 hour layover in Philadelphia which meant a 26 hour trip on the first delay. Our rep (Norman Gray) has a full

voicemail. Another rep Lee Rosenberg resolved a better flight. My supplement airfare ($342) was to be recharged on our new credit card and refunded on our old card which does not exist anymore. Instead we are charged $3,422. on our new card and refunded on a card that does not exist anymore. we are extremely stressed and are no longer happy with Gate 1 and will no longer use or recommend.

Max Blank 954-741-6412

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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We certainly regret any unhappiness with the schedule change imposed by the airline. We are glad that our staff was able to find a more suitable schedule for you.

Please know that a full refund was processed to the credit card used to purchase your original flights and the new charge was placed on the credit card that you provided. It appears that this has been reviewed with you with one of our agents however should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us to speak with a supervisor.


So even though you like Gate 1 and have used them, one problem - not of their making - means you will never use them again. One would think that getting older would make you more forgiving and less rigid about the foibles of life.

Gate 1 is not an airline: it sells airline tickets. All airlines change schedules up until about the last 30 days before travel in order to move planes, crews and passengers around to maximize use of their planes and satisfy the most people. When you make reservations 6 months or more in advance, it is not unforeseeable that a schedule change will occur. Thus it is not Gate 1's fault the schedule changed.

While your agent was not available, any agent could and did handle it for you.

The last problem was created by you and your situation. You charged the ticket on a credit card that a) was about to renew, b) that you chose to cancel or c) that was cancelled due to problems with YOUR CREDIT CARD. This has nothing to do with Gate 1.

Its not fair to blame Gate 1 for doing exactly what you agreed they could do with refunds: "Refunds are processed to the credit card(s) originally used for payment..."

What you need to do is contact the issuer of the card that is now closed and ask the to help correct YOUR PROBLEM WITH YOUR OLD CREDIT CARD.

This will work out in the end and the guided tours and vacations look great on the website. JrOrlando.