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Let me be brief:

*Insufferable hold time on phone to book

*Agent took me through booking process and when we enter credit card it was not available

*Suggested alternative date. Of course, more expensive. Had to check with others on trip so could not commit.

*Booked trip online. All is great except the air arrangements had us arriving a day late!!! How the system selected the BAD flights is beyond me and every time I ask that question I'm told "I selected the flights". I assumed the system would not give me flights that would not work with my hotel arrangements, funny me.

*I received a confirmation and then I book my domestic air travel to LA to meet the flights.

*Received a call from Gate 1 that said are you aware you book flights that arrive a day after your hotel reservation. I said OK how do we fix it? She said she would book me the day before. I thought WOW what good customer service but then she said it would be $25 pp for the change. I was not please because surely they would not allow me to book an incorrect flight and why was that the first option????? I felt I was paying for the company's mistake. I asked to speak to someone who could address the problem. I was directed to Ms. Paske (after another 15 minute hold). She informed me under no uncertain terms that I made a mistake and must pay! In addition she said I had till 9:00 PM or tough luck. I felt I had a gun to my head at this point and was getting madder.

*I called the airline to explain my situation (No hold time by the way!). The Customer Service representative was great and said I could move my flight to the previous day no problem.

*I decided I'd pay the $25 keep the reservation and complain later since I had a gun to my head.

*Called Gate 1 again. I asked Ms. Paske what number I should call to authorize the change and to cancel and she said the same number. I express a displeasure with the wait time but she insisted. So I go through the INSANE phone system and it says the estimated wait time is 45 MINUTES! I hung up and imputed the option for the Company Directory and was connected to Ms. Paske's voice mail of course. By the way, the "Employee Directory" option is a black hole you can never escape back to the main menu so you have to hang up and dial again. No was to short cut the system so I had to bury up and go in "on hold ***" My estimate wait time was still 45 minutes. I'm getting madder. Someone answers the phone and said she could help me. She informed me the price was now $29.90 pp for the change. I assume it went up while I was on hold. I was very mad now. Not that made any difference to anyone at Gate 1.

*Now I wanted to cancel and get a full refund but I had to call the airlines again and see if I could cancel the reservation. Got right through to their customer service and they fixed me up. What a concept!!

*Called back to Gate 1 already frustrated and, you guessed it, can't get a human being and yes, estimated wait time 45 MINUTES

*Select the option existing reservation thinking someone would surely want to be prompt in servicing and existing customer. Wrong! Waited on phone now I'm up against the Ms. Paske deadline of death so I went to the website and entered a customer request by email.

*Finally someone answered the phone and I informed them I was mad and was canceling my reservation. She said she could not do it. More frustration. Transferred again with more time on hold. More frustration. Asked to speak to Ms. Paske and was informed she had left for the day. I was sure she told me she would be there until 9:00 to enforce the deadline. I said who can I tell my frustrations to and was directed to Breece (after another hold, of course)

* He pretty much told me the same story and Ms. Paske but he did listen but again pretty much indicated that "the flights I selected were wrong" and pay up. He assured me I would receive a full refund and I appreciated that. I would much rather take the trip but at this point I did not want to do business with Gate 1

*Bottom line--lost a repeat customer over $25!! I will not be a customer of Gate 1 and I will not recommend to any of my friends. It seemed to me that someone would want to fix the problems. I was told very busy so the hold times are longer. Why not another number for existing reservations, problem reservations, trouble shooting, etc.? Air fares are changing every minute! When booked incorrectly why not fix the problem. The company knew there was a problem. They called me. But it became my problem to fix. But sir YOU picked the flights. I can tell you that nobody would believe the "system" would pick a flight as the first option that arrives a day after your hotel reservation. I'm telling you that is a problem that needs to be fixed for your future customers

*I wish I could express to you in words how the last three hours dealing with this issue has frustrated me. I seems to me someone needs to know about this stuff and maybe try to address these issues. The impression I get is that guidelines and systems are more important that customers at Gate 1. It is a shame.

*I would appreciate a response from someone in the organization that could maybe address these issues with me.


Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour Booking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Gate1travel Cons: Poor customer service.

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As you can imagine, the call volume does increase significantly when packages are offered that are highly discounted. That said, we certainly regret any lapse in service when you tried contacting us.

Please know at the time your reservation was created online, our system offered all of the options available at that time along with the best possible pricing.

As we understood your concerns, we offered several options in which we understand a full refund was eventually provided. Nevertheless, as we do take you comments seriously and we have shared your feedback with our Reservation Management Team for review for the future.

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