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First and foremost I'd never advise anyone to use this as a travel agency, pay careful attention to all terms and conditions before you accept or sign anything. It's a complete rip-off and scam if you have a death in the family or they are blowing up things in Europe these people are not concerned i'm assuming as long as their commission checks are cut.

The agent Patricia is aggressive condescending and rude by all means she even had the audacity to provide a chuckle when requesting a supervisor. The supervisor Jennifer Issacson was professional as well as helpful until closing our call there was a lot of holds as if she was needing to speak to someone else for interpretation on how she would handle a call from a clients attorney.

Again I cannot stress enough that this so called company is a scam and the agents they have answering initial calls are not professional and when spending thousands of dollars I would expect someone to at least show an ounce of empathy when revisions need to be made.. this company is a complete no go, not worth the headache or disrespect and this specific matter has been elevated to a level where the law had to be requested to have this resolved which indeed is more money being spent all for something that was supposed to be a moment to look forward to as any vacation take my advice stay far away from these crooks and their lack of customer service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Gate1travel Cons: Lack of consideration regarding terrorism.

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We are sorry to hear of any lapse in service when you contacted us. We will certainly share this information with

our Reservations Department manager.

Although we do list all of our cancellation penalties on our website, for clients to review prior to making travel plans.

Additionally, we always encourage our clients to purchase travel protection which will offers coverage for a variety of

circumstances. Nevertheless we do regret if there was any misunderstanding with the cancellation policies.

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