Given the name of the web site, I expected to find negative reviews of gate 1 tours. However, I recently returned from an 11 day Kenya tour and know other people who have all be on gate 1 tours with no complaints.

All 20 people on the tour I was on had no major complaints. I certainly had no complaints The hotels were great, the tour guide/driver was great, the food was great, pretty much everything was exactly as expected and I had an amazing time with some really wonderful people.

Most of the complaints I read about have to do with hotels out in the woods not having wifi or air conditioning or people not seeing the animals they wanted to see or that the roads were in horrible shape. If people want great roads, air conditioning animals on command, everything one expects from a US trip, my suggestion is to go to Bush Gardens or some other wildlife experience.

There are people who seek out things to complain about and they usually gravitate to sites geared towards complaints. As to false reviews, not one from me. I thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with gate 1, the trip, the follow-up and more.

In all honesty, informed choice should include positive reviews rather than only posting biased and one-sided reviews focusing only on negativity and leaving out the other side of the story.

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You are absolutely right on this one. I traveled with Gate 1 numerous times (5 to be exact) and ALL are great experiences.

The problem with American customer is that they complaint a lot and they are horrible to please.

If you are not happy then book a PRIVATE tour and pay! I am very please with Gate 1 and will continue to travel with them.


last June, June of 2013, we went to South Africa with gate One, it was fantastic, sure one hotel was not airconditioned, but they had fans , and after inquiring this is usual in some parts. Tour guide was great other hotels fantastic

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