Zagreb, Zagreb

I'm about to quit this tour!!! This is Day 3 of my tour of Croatia and I want out.

I'm not alone. Many others have complained about how this trip is not working out for them. Five people in the group are loud and obnoxious and have totally taken over the air space on the long bus trips with their inane conversations. The tour guide has done nothing to address this.

Good bye Gate 1.

Never again will I waste my money on this aggravation. Ugly selfish egotistical people take up too much energy that I would rather invest more wisely.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

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If the tour guide did nothing to address it even after you & other guests have expressed your concerns to the guide, then it's the tour guide's incompetence, hence Gate1's fault.


That can happen with ANY tour group. It's kinda the luck of the draw.


Please know that we are concerned with what has been posted and will be further investigating these issue. At your earliest convenience, please contact our Service Department so that we may further discuss this matter.


When I go on a vacation I go without a tour group and maybe you should try that.That way you get to plan what you do and when you do it.In paris the metro is so easy to understand and it is in most of europe and you would be surprized at how many cities speak english.Also if you want to get off the beaten path there are apps for your phone to transulate for you.That way it is more of an adventure.


So your issue is with other people and rather than discussing it with them or the tour guide (who may not realize they're bugging you), you're deciding to blame the company? That seems like a good idea.

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