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HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE - LACK OF SERVICE - TOTAL RIP- OFF My friends and I purchased and fully paid in April 2017! The 10 days south Spain (Madrid Barcelona Santiago) Portugal and France ( lourdes carcassone Toulouse ) for departure October 1, 2017 .

The operators had a hard time sending Us the correct info all the time in April when we paid in full we requested to be seated all together ( never happened ) we were individually seated all over the delta plane and we were charged xtra money at the last moment to get assigned seating At arrival in Madrid the tour guide assigned to us was so rude; Always rushing the group and constantly changing the departure times because “the driver didn’t want to get stuck in traffic” If we were officially scheduled to all meet at 8.30 am to start boarding this was constantly changed to all be seated in the bus at 8.30. Some days times were scratched for 15’ minutes earlier w/o all of us being informed . We were yelled at different times for different unfounded reasons. The hotels were lousy, small, tiny rooms and miserable breakfasts were the coffee machines were barely working ( self serving).

Through the tours we purchased we were always rushed to accomodate the driver ( so he won’t have to get stuck in traffic) One of us ( temporarily ) lost our I-phone at the zarzuela palace on the way to el prado museum and got absolutely no help from the guide. She told us that she couldn’t help us Even though we didn’t know our way there and there was an extra guide in the bus to do the museum . We were paying for a triple room and it was a total robbery since in any of the hotels we got a triple room . In all the hotels we got a double bed and a cot on the side.

To be fair to us we were taking turns to sleep in the cot . When we checked with the front desks of the hotels all of attendants told us THAT GATE 1 KNEW THERE WERE NO TRIPLE ROOMS AND WERE ONLY PAYING FOR A DOUBLE WITH A VERY SMALL OR NO CHARGE FOR THE COT, When we arrived in Toulouse (for 2 nights) the three of us were put in a double bed room with no space for a cot . At this point we were told to figure it out how to sleep 2 of us in a bed . When we complain the hotel told us that GATE 1 PERFECTLY KNEW THERE WERE NO TRIPLE ROOMS .

We talk to the manager and the guide and demanded a solution since we were paying for triple beds. Finally the hotel agreed to give one of us a separate room. Back in the us we’ve called gate 1 to complain and were told they will contact us - they have not called any of the 3.

We filled their survey and again requested to talk to someone. They never did!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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BS complaints, all of them.


We are sorry to read of your disappointment with any of the services provided. Please keep in mind, Gate 1 can only request seats as final assignments are handled by the airline.

We do however understand your frustration.

In regards to the timing of the touring, we do regret if you felt rushed. Escorted programs are often fast paced and at times guides may need to alter the schedule to accommodate for external factors such as traffic.

As for the triple room accommodations, please keep in mind that we do explain on our website triple rooms consist of standard twin beds or one double bed plus a sofa/folding bed or cot for third person.