Rumson, New Jersey

When I toured with gate1

We had to get up super early to catch the train to Machu Pichu...then we had to take a bus and then we climbed up to the sight and yes we also got about 3 hours of time up there which was entirely spend by our fantastic tour guide Edgar ...explaining everything you ever wanted to know about this site while taking us around...he had a helped I remember who climbed higher up with us "younger" ones in the group and then he took over with his knowledge about the site...I can not imagine why one needs more time then 3 hours at this was a very active day consummed by time to get to and from...I am usually one of the younger people who travels with Gate1 ...I would rather complain that gate1 drags you to the shops to buy..carpets..jade and God only knows what else and the time you spend there is amazingly looking...I have friends who travel with more expensive agencies and they

even got less time then Gate1


There is only so much time in a day and again if you look back...getting up at 3:30 am on that day ...not coming back to the hotel till very late..3 hours was plenty time!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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