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I purchased two tours for February 2016 and April 2016. I made the purchase early in the year of 2015, and by November of 2015 I was offered a job that didn't allow me to take the time off to go on the tours of 2016.

These tours were months away so I figured I would not have any problem canceling. When I called to inquire about a refund I was told I would only be refunded the land portion but not the flight. And of course I requested business class flights when I booked the tour, meaning I paid thousands of dollars for the tickets. I was never given the option of purchasing refundable or non refundable plane tickets, an option most every travel site will give you.

I would never purchase a plane ticket that was not refundable, because you never know if something will cause your schedule to change. I paid $7000 for the February 2016 trip and was told I would only get a refund of $3000. Wow, I was losing $4000. If I had not chosen to fly business class, I maybe would not be losing as much I am being punished even more so because I wanted a nicer seat.

Totally unfair. I went on a tour with gate1 just about a month ago and I decided to book my own flights. When I was on the tour I decided to extend my trip. I called Expedia, with whom I had purchased my plane ticket back to Houston from and they gave me a full refund, no problem.

I canceled my ticket, stayed on my trip and when I was ready to go home I bought a new plane ticket. They did not even make me reschedule my flight right then. They gave me a full refund, without making me purchase another ticket. No problems at all.

$4000 was credited back to my card and I was a happy traveler. When I explained this to one of the employees of gate1, he told me there was absolutely no way this could be true because airlines do not issue non refundable tickets. Like *** they don't! Clearly they do, as long as you request a non refundable ticket at the time of purchase which is precisely what I did when I bought my ticket from Expedia.

I can understand if my tour was just a few weeks away, but seriously, one tour is 3 months from now and the other is 5 months away. And I am not able to get a full refund for either one. I am losing the amount paid for the airfare on both trips. I paid in full because I had the money and I do not like having debt.

My full payment still is not technically due. Had I not been a courteous customer and just paid my deposit, I most likely would have gotten all my money back. But because I went ahead and paid in full, I lose thousands of dollars. Gate1 is the most unfair and greedy company I have ever worked with.

They are not understanding at all and their customer service employees are extremely rude. This is the most unfair refund policy I have ever experienced. They should give their customers the option of purchasing refundable airfare. And don't be so ignorant as to tell them refundable plane tickets don't exist, because they absolutely do.

I will never again book a tour with gate1.

My advice to anyone who does, book your own flight! Gate1, you suck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My husband & I just found out the hard way also! We also lost lots of money, because we paid everything early( we also don't like debt.) I unfortunately had a serious injury & illness, & thought since we purchased the travel insurance, we would receive a full refund.

Wrong! When we received the refund check...we were both SHOCKED at how little it was! I did not

Plan to be ill, that's why we bought the insurance, "just in case." The fine print in Gate 1's refund policy, is so full of double talk, it could easily be twisted to benefit Gate 1 of course.

The Travel Insurance that issued our fragment of a refund, stated " as per Gate 1's cancelation penalties." Never again! Thanks for the info on Expedia, & refundable airline tickets!


Thank you for sharing your experience with the public. Im sorry you had a horrible experience and lost thousands.

I'm so glad I read your review, because thanks to you, I will now go somewhere else to book my Italy trip for 2016. I find their answer completely unacceptable to you. Is a nice way of saying f)$& u!

They should know life happens, learn to be flexible and at the very least give you credit, not blatantly steel people's money. What they did to you, I call that theft, it should be a crime.


if I may, I have personally traveled with Gate1 many times. I was just in Paris during the attacks with gate1.

they have always provided me with better than I could ever expect service. I was in Turkey last year, and the year before in Italy, and so on.

I would never use another company as far as an escorted tour. If I was you I'd might look into this a little more.


We do regret any misunderstanding regarding the type of airfare purchased. We do clearly outline our terms and conditions on our website and our staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have prior to making your reservation online.

We do understand that the cancellation penalties and available options were reviewed with you, however, we do apologize if there was any lapse in service. Of course if you would like to discuss the matter further please don’t hesitate to contact us.


You don't get a refund on non refundable tickets. Your mistake not Gate1 Refundable tickets are much more expensive.


I completely agree, but I should have been given the option. I would absolutely pay the price increase to have a refundable ticket. Life happens.

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