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Gate 1 is the worst. They do not care about their customers at all.

We were supposed to be heading to Europe, Paris included tonight. We told them of our concerns and no one cares. They said if we wanted to change anything it would be out of our own pockets. There are people dying everyday and bomb threats on a daily basis and they did not seem to care.

they are money suckers and only care if they get paid.

we are now not going on our dream vacation and are out $3000. Thanks Gate 1 for nothing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Just returned 12/14/2015 from my 12th gate one trip this one touring Turkey. It was above expectation and a great learning experience.I feel bad for my fellow americans that let fear media (faux news being the worse) form their opinions.

I did not experience a lot of interaction with regular non tourist associated Turks but the 3 or 4 I did have face to face made me think they are not really any different than US.

Sorry for those that let fear control their lives.


That's your fault - cowards. You just let the terrorists win.


My wife and I have traveled several times to several destinations with Gate 1, Asia, Central America, Greece and recently Turkey. We were in Turkey two days away from Ankara, Turkey when the bombing happened.

We had two couples, out of 30, that were concerned about their safety and our guide checked into the situation several times with the headquarters as we were making our way for Ankara. The decision was made based on what was happening that we would continue with the trip which was supported by 28 out 30 couples. I fully understand the concerns that people have about travel, so in the future if you are concerned about security do two things, buy travel insurance or and two, and more importantly, check with the US State Department for the security concerns in an area.

We were going to travel to Italy and Morocco and due to what is going we are now going to chance our destination to another region of the world to avoid any problems.


France also declared a state of emergency for the next 3 months, including the time of my trip and Gate 1 will not refund me


I also tried to cancel my trip to Paris due to the bombing and was screamed at and was told that the bombing was not a big deal. The rude customer service women did nothing to help

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