Wallingford, Connecticut

I joined Gate1 8-day Catholic Germany for the Passion Play. 6/9/10, 3rd day into 8-day trip the driver of 24-seater bus rammed into tractor trailer truck in the autobahn traveling from Heidelberg into Nurmberg.

Tour guide did not inform 12 tourists about Germany's seat belt law for which the bus was equipped for. 60+ mph speed caused injuries resulting in hospital stay for surgery resulting in 2-day missed itinerary. Gate1travel was so detached & uncaring no one called to inquire how we're doing.

Do not, repeat, do not do business with Gate1 Travel. This company is a menace to the travel industry.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

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No surprise here. Gate 1 Travels provides a hostile work environment.

Their salespeople and supervisors are unfriendly angry and unprofessional.

Donna Davis is the worst! I have two friends that are former employees at fort washington and were treated horribly and they were doing a great job..their owner is clueless about managing a customer service environment...gate 1 = blech


Who in this century needs to be told about seat belt laws??


Hello. My name is Candice and I work for Gate 1 Travel. We believe the above statements are a misrepresentation and encourage anyone with any questions regarding this incident to contact Gate 1 Travel directly.

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