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We recently purchased an group tour to Italy. One of the main reasons I booked through Gate 1 was based off of the hotel amenities.

This tour was booked several months in advance. A few days prior to going on the tour they changed our hotel in 2 destinations. The hotel changes were downgrades based off of user reviews from tripadvisor. When you pay for a tour you are paying for the amenities as well.

Come to find out...There is some small clause in the agreement you sign that says that can switch hotels, tour destinations, and basically anything else they want to without them having to take any responsibility. This is an extremely bad way of doing business, and bad customer service. When calling customer service they were rude and wuld not do anything to make the situation better.

Beware of Gate 1.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I just came back from a Gate 1 trip to Italy, one of our hotel's in Sorrento was switched, but to a Better Hotel, the view was incredible!! Also when I traveled to Egypt last year we were upgraded to Palace rooms with Nile views....for the money you can't beat them!! If you want luxury hotels, don't expect their low prices!!


If by chance due to an overbooking situation a hotel has to be changed, we will only accept accommodations that are of equal quality and rating. Changes such as this fortunately do not occur frequently and as soon as we are advised we contact our clients immediately. If a client has a concern we certainly urge them to contact us directly to review the matter.


If you feel that strong about the bait & switch why are you anonymous. I'm thinking of using Gate1 to South Africa and your message was helpful. Thanks

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