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Currently, I am on a trip with gate one and while on our first tour we found out that there had been an offer to extend your trip for $100 dollars. It was never offered to us so we figured we could work with Gate One and try to set up a flight change.

We also wanted to switch our flight due to weather, I'd rather be laid over in a fun country than in a hotel in Boston. After spending over an hour, using international minutes, on the phone, the untrained customer support staff was still unable to give us any help concerning changing our flight, costs, etc. We weren't able to change our flight directly through the airlines because the flight had been originally booked though this "agency." They told us that we would not only incur a change fee but we would have to pay an additional fee on top of that, which, after an hour, they were still unable to give us. So much for spending $100 to extend our trip.

When I asked specific questions about changing my itinerary, the representative told me that he didn't know and that he needed to speak with a manager, but they were all busy. I reminded him I was using international minutes and asked what I could do in the mean time but he continued to tell me he didn't know how to resolve this situation. He also told me that they weren't a travel agency, they were just a booking entity. So after sending me back to the airlines, who sent me back to Gate One, who sent me back to the airlines, I am still nowhere.

All of this could have been avoided had the customer service rep who initially set up my booking, informed me of all of the options to my trip. I received no apologies, no help, just a "bummer" from the rep I spoke to when trying to change my flight. Gate One is incredibly professional in all the foreign countries we booked with them, but when you look for any help in from the actual agency, you are on your own and good luck with that, since booking through an agency is red tape when it comes to itinerary changes.

Gate One is not knowledgeable of their current trips, unhelpful during booking changes, and they sound bored to death on the phone if they have to speak with you for more than 5 minutes...sorry I wasted your time and I wasted my money. I'd rather book a trip myself then go through them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour Booking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Gate1travel Cons: Customer service, Red tape involved.

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